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Wu Jingui stayed as Shen Huaxin’s head to surface?

Source: Shangguan News Author: Qin Dongying

New Year and New Year.

Although it was not officially announced, with the Dust of Shenhua’s stock reform plan, the New East family’s long -term acceptance was already on the board.In the 9 -year green space era, Shenhua will also usher in a new era.

On the afternoon of January 2nd, the senior management of the new shareholder Shanghai Jiushi Group went to the Kangqiao base to meet with the team.It is reported that while Jiushi Group is approaching Shenhua, the retention of the head coach Wu Jingui has become a foregone conclusion.At the same time, Gu Jiqing, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Shanghai Jiushi Real Estate Co., Ltd., has confirmed that he will be the position of Chief Congress of Shenhua.

Gu Jiqing once served as deputy general manager of Shanghai Jiushi International Competition Management Co., Ltd., in charge of the main sports events under the Jiushi event company, including the management development and competition organization of the F1 China Grand Prix and Tennis Masters Cup.General manager.Before joining the matter, he also participated in the planning and execution of another famous sports event in Shanghai, the Shanghai International Track and Field Gold Grand Prix.When he was in the Shanghai Big Shark Men’s Basketball Team for a long time, Gu Jiqing once served as the leader of the receiving group.

According to the requirements of the Chinese Football Association, the clubs must submit the latest repayment vouchers to the Football Association before January 6, 2023, confirming that they have completed all of them.

On July 31, October 31, and December 31, 2022, the time node set by the Football Association’s repayment arrears.The Football Association has made it clear that if the salary is overdue, the wages of the wage club will include all kinds of penalties including deducting league points, relegation, and disqualification of access to access.For clubs that have not resolved the problem of arrears on July 31 and October 31, the Football Association shall handle 3 points and 6 points for league points and 6 points.Shenhua was deducted by 6 points because he failed to pay the corresponding proportion of the corresponding proportion before October 31.

In the past year, Shanghai Shenhua players can only get basic living subsidies every month. In order to get rid of the predicament, Shenhua has been seeking stock reform.It is reported that a plan formulated in early 2022 was to introduce two new shareholders to operate Shenhua with Greenland Group, and each shareholder invested one to two hundred million per year.However, due to the influence of the epidemic factors, the Chinese Football Association has not been able to come up with the club’s stock reform, which has a more specific, instructive and operable opinion and suggestion, so that this plan for Shenhua has always stayed in the paper stage.

On November 23, 2022, the club’s stock reform plan was approved by the municipal government. The relevant leaders and leaders have signed the approval and only to be implemented and docking.In late December, in order to let the team’s peaceful training competition, although the official announcement has not yet been officially announced, Gu Jiqing, as a representative of the long -term event, deliberately flew from Shanghai to Haikou and held a brief meeting for the team.When the players and their families spend their New Year’s Day, new and old shareholders, clubs, and team related personnel have been busy handover and other matters.

According to the surging news, the problems left over in the past two years, whether it is the Greenland Group and Jiushi Group, are very clear, and the two parties have communicated a lot during the handover process.In order to show the sincerity of solving the problem, Jiushi Group stated that it can contribute to solve some arrears of wages.During the communication process, the amount of the affordable part has even been raised to 500 million yuan, which is about doubled than the initial quota that was originally taken out.

In addition, the renewal of the 21 contracts of the Shenhua First Team team has not yet fully launched, but this does not affect the FA Cup event.It is understood that because the FA Cup is the event in the 2022 season, it is only why the schedule is arranged. The quarter -finals, semi -finals and finals are held in 2023. Therefore, according to relevant regulations, as long as a supplementary agreement is signed, the contract expires expires.Players can still participate.

Wu Jingui said, “The team’s stock reform work is being promoted in an orderly manner. The player’s mentality is currently adjusted well. Generally speaking, the situation is very good and it is good for the team.”

The predecessor of Jiushi Group, Shanghai Jiushi Company, was established in 1987. It is the first government investment and financing company in the country.In November 2015, Shanghai Jiuwan (Group) Co., Ltd. was unveiled and established. Jiu Jiu completed the corporate system restructuring. It was restructured from a traditional national ownership enterprise to a wholly state -owned company.The current core industries of Jiushi Group are mainly distributed in five major sections: urban transportation, sports industry, real estate home property, capital operations, and cultural tourism industries.

Jiushi Group’s subsidiary Jiushi Sports is known as the “aircraft carrier” in Shanghai Sports Industry. It operates the Shanghai Tennis Masters, F1 China Grand Prix, and Global Equestrian Championship and other international top sports events.

On May 28, 2019, Shanghai Jiushi Sports Industry Development Group Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Jiushi Group, completed the 100 % equity acquisition of the former Shanghai Oriental Basketball Club, becoming the operator of the Shanghai men’s basketball team.

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