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Wu Jingui: New situation in the body in the team will be adjusted

On January 6th, the first round of the FA Cup 1/4 final was a press conference, and Shanghai Shenhua coach Wu Jingui and the team member Zhou Junchen attended.

Speaking of the preparation of the war, Wu Jingui said: “I am very happy to transfer young players under the circumstances of incomplete personnel. Under their leadership, the game is very good. This is our consistent request., To be able to move forward quickly, the team members play very well at each position. At the same time, the personnel are also a chance to give young players. We will also prepare well.Go to play a good game to win. “

Talking about the deployment of tomorrow’s game, Wu Jingui said: “Although we have won in the first round, the opponent’s performance is very tenacious. We will also take the game tomorrow.There is no lack of relaxation. “

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