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World Taiwan Federation: Suspension Zhao Xintong & Zhang Jiankang’s Snoors qualifications

On January 3, Beijing time, the WPBSA World Taiwan Federation officially announced that it was eligible for Chinese players Zhao Xintong and Zhang Jiankang.Eight Chinese players have been suspended before the game.

Starting from Liang Wenbo, Chinese players have been banned. They are Yan Bingtao, Chen Zifan, Bai Langning, Li Xing, Lu Ning, Zhao Jianbo, Chang Bingyu. Starting in the new year, Zhao Xintong and Zhang Health have been added.Ten Chinese players cannot participate in any competition and are currently under investigation by the World Taiwan Federation.

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  1. Look at the severity of them, and take it too long for the ban.Let others grasp the handle, nothing to say

  2. Indeed, I feel so too.So many people are not like personal behavior

  3. group crime, proper criminal group.

  4. What about the basis?In fact, I admit it, what do you have to say!

  5. I have no tutoring for your children to teach you. The image is not blowing. It is not blown out

  6. I think in China, as long as there is, T can override to G?IntersectionIntersection

  7. Reply
    SimpleVSAwareBase4102 1月 4, 2023 at 2:37 上午

    I think in China, as long as there is T, can I overlook the rules?IntersectionIntersection

  8. Think in China, as long as the background can override the rules?IntersectionIntersection

  9. Sloc is politicized, very targeted

  10. This short protection

  11. Shak also did it

  12. Let the British play it by themselves!

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