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World Cup reminder: Tunisia’s first battle tied Danish Australia to lose out




1. Coach: Gejarcar, who is 50 years old, has rich coaching experience. In January this year, he served as the head coach and successfully led the team into the World Cup;

2. Status: The Denmark, which is stronger than its own team in the first round of the group stage, has a good performance;

3. Friends: History had a fight with Australia in the Intercontinental Cup. At that time, defeating the opponent 2-0 at that time, the confrontation has an advantage;

4. steals: At present, there are 23 steals per game, ranking third in the World Cup; 5. Defense: In the past 10 games, only 5 goals have been lost, and their defense capabilities are quite good.


1. Data: The game with the same data in the last 5 games was finally played 1 win, 3 goes and 1 loser. This data performed poorly;

2. History: The team has participated in the World Cup for the sixth time, and there are 4 times in the game, but they have never been qualified in the group;

3. Age: The average age of this big list has reached 27.8 years. For a team that focuses on defending the counterattack, it is slightly owed.



1. Player: Gudwin, the main striker of Gudwin in the first round of the group stage, helped the team score a goal, and his personal performance was good;

2. Warfare: The first round of the defending champion France was lost in the first round.


1. Punishment: The first round of this World Cup group stage was shown 3 yellow cards, which temporarily ranked fifth in the World Cup;

2. Coach: Arnold, a 59 -year -old local coach Arnold, took office in July 2018. He coached only 1 win and 2 losses in 3 games. The coaching ability is average;

3. Trend: The game with the same data in the last 5 times is finally won only once, and the performance is not good in this data;

4. Injury stop: Martin Boil, who played for Hibenianian, exited the world at the last moment due to knee injuries, and has a lot of impact on the team’s strength; 5. The corner kick: The first round of the World Cup group stage only played 1 1 1 out of 1 1 round. A corner data.

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