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World Cup reminder: The situation in the Netherlands is good, Qatar has been out in advance




1. Status: At present, the team’s team has achieved a record of winning and one level.

2. Defense: The two rounds of group stage are currently only lost 1 goal, and the back line is very stable;

3. Attack: each game can be maintained, and the offensive end is also more reliable;

4. Players: Garkebo currently scores one goal in two rounds, and his personal competitive status is quite good;

5. Factory: The team’s current lineup is quite complete, and the backcourt stars are gathered.


1. Method: The team in the first two groups showed a bit tired, and the offense was very procrastinating.



1. Home: The only advantage in this game is to fight at home. The team hopes to play a wonderful performance in the last game.


1. Status: The first two group stages were defeated, and the team had been eliminated in advance;

2. Defense: 5 goals lost in two games in the group stage, the ability to rear defense is very limited;

3. Attack: only one goal in two games, the offensive end is also very bad;

4. Power: The team should say that the weakest team in the World Cup, people are playing;

5. Warfare: The team has been eliminated in advance, and the estimated mentality of the last game is relatively low.

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