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World Cup reminder: Portuguese core Cristiano Ronaldo has fallen Manchester United




1. Ranking: At present, the world ranks 9th, which is a lot higher than the Ghana (61st), and the overall strength is preferred;

2. Experience: Historically entered the World Cup 7 times in history, won the fourth place in the fourth place, and won the European Cup championship, full of experience;

3. Montess: The warm -up game is easy to win Nigeria, and to recruit morale for the World Cup;

4. Attack: A single player in the warm -up game scored 4 goals. At present, the firepower firepower is good;

5. Fighting: The two parties have defeated Ghana in the 2014 World Cup, with psychological advantages;

6. Fortune: The list of Ronaldo, B, B Ronaldo, and B in this competition were selected, Felix and Pepe were still listed, and the lineup strength was still guaranteed;

7. Player: Fernandez opened the second degree at the warm -up, Ramos also contributed a pass, and the two were in good condition;

8. Defense: In the past 8 games, 5 games have been kept zero. During the period, there were only 3 goals. The quality of the back line was quite good.


1. Status: In the past 4 games, 2 games have lost 2 games, and the offensive end is good and bad, and the competitive state has fluctuated;

2. Player: Liverpool striker Ruo Tower is absent due to injuries. The core Cristiano Ronaldo has also declined significantly this season, which has a certain impact on the team’s front line strength;

3. Data: In the past 5 games under the same initial data, only 2 games have successfully won;

4. Grouping: This World Cup was divided into group H. In addition to the Uruguay team, the same group also had the potential Korean team. There was a certain pressure on the qualifying.



1. Factory: More than half of the World Cup list has played for the five major league teams, including the more famous Biba forward Williams and Crystal Palace forward Jordan Ayou.

2. Experience: Historically entered the World Cup 3 times in history, and has entered the knockout match. The experience is equally sufficient;

3. Status: Only one game in the 8 games of this World Championship, 50%of the winning percentage during the period is relatively high in Africa;

4. Montess: In the past 2 warm -up matches, they have won the victory, and the morale of the World Cup has been recruited;

5. Defensive: In the past 2 games, all the events have been kept zero. At present, the quality of the rear defense line is good;

6. Power: Before defeating the Swiss team and tied the Chile, it had a certain potential and unbeaten ability.


1. Guard: In the past 4 away games, 3 games have lost 3 games, and there are poor combat capabilities in different places;

2. Trend: In the past 4 games, there have been 3 games lost data, and the overall trend is poor;

3. Attack: In the past 4 games, there were 2 games that could not score the goal. During the period, only 3 goals were scored. There were weak problems in the front line.

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