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World Cup reminder: Poland has 3 consecutive zero -seal opponents Saudi Arabia defeated Argentina




1. World Ranking: The current world ranking is 26, compared to Saudi Arabia’s 51st places greatly dominant;

2. Players: Except for first -class striker such as Levan, a considerable part of the other players played in the five major leagues, and their personal abilities were significantly stronger;

3. Warfare: The first round tied with Mexico. If this event can defeat Saudi Arabia, it can occupy the initiative in the qualifying of the qualifying;

4. Defense: The last 3 games can be able to block the opponent, and the defense quality has been maintained very well;

5. Data trend: I can win the data in three games recently, and the ability to win data has improved significantly;

6. Injuries: There are no injuries in the team now, and this game can be played with the strongest lineup.


1. Attack: The play of the play and the Mexico played 0-0. In the last 3 games, I only scored 2 goals;

2. striker: Laivan lost a penalty in the game against Mexico. His personal status seemed to be the best.

Saudi Arabia


1. Status: The first game of the group stage defeated Argentina 2-1, and the team’s status was very good;

2. Warfare: At the top of the group in the group, the victory in this field is even a chance to be able to qualify in advance, so the desire to win is full;

3. Attack: Three of the last 4 games can score goals, including playing 2 goals on Argentina;

4. Site: Saudi Arabia is a neighbor of Qatar, so it has a large advantage in time and people and people and others.


1. Historical data: The last 5 events as the same initial data in the last five times have only 1 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses. The performance is not ideal under this data;

2. Players: All 26 players who participated in this competition are from the domestic league. The personal reputation and strength cannot be compared with Polish players;

3. Termination: The team’s worth of a total of only 25.2 million euros, compared with Poland’s 255 million euros at a significant disadvantage.

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