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World Cup reminder: Morocco’s last 4 games and 3 games zero Portuguese field goals




1. Players: Ziech, Ennixiri, Ceith, Abukrall have been in recent years, and the foot wind is quite smooth;

2. Data: The team has excellent data capabilities. In the past 5 games, the data can be won;

3. Defense: Morocco’s performance on the defensive end is quite good. There are 3 games in the last 4 games that can block opponents.


1. Style: The play style is relatively conservative. In the past 4 games, only one total scoring exceeds 2 goals;

2. Corner: Morocco’s corner kick has a weak capacity. The total number of corner kicks in the team has only three in the last 4 games;

3. Tracks: Morocco’s last World Cup facing Portugal, eventually defeated 0-1, psychologically underwind.



1. Player: Ramos faced a hat -trick in Switzerland in the last round.

2. Style: The play style is unrestrained. In the past 4 games, there are 3 total scores of more than 2 goals;

3. Attack: Portugal’s offensive end performance is relatively stable, and each game has a goal record for each game;

4. Kick: Be able to quickly enter the competitive state. In the past 4 games, the first half of the game can be invincible.


1. Defense: The defensive end performance is not stable. Three of the past 4 games have been broken through the door;

2. Data: Portugal’s data capabilities are generally performed. In the past 4 games, there are 2 lost data.

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