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World Cup reminder: Insufficient air defense capabilities in Brazil 42%




1. Status: The team has performed extremely stable in the competition in the near future. In the past 15 games, it has only lost only once and won 9 games during the period;

2. Player: Perisic already has 1 goal and 2 to help the account, the main striker Clarmaric has also gained 2 goals;

3. Defense: There are two records of zero opponents in the four World Cup events. During the period, only 2 goals were lost, and the defense was very stable;

4. Data: There are 8 records of data through the data in the past ten games, and the real strength and state have been underestimated;

5. Punishment: There are only one yellow card record in the World Cup series. During the period, I have not eaten red cards, and the defense is very clean and neat.


1. Physical energy: In the last round of the 16th round of the 16th match, the Japanese team fought until the penalty kick.

2. Fighting: have lost all the time with Brazil in the past three times. The kick and psychological level are obviously not as good as the other party;

3. Corner: Data from 4.3 corner kicks per game during the World Cup;

4. confrontation: The three confrontations are below 50%, and the ball style is obviously soft;



1. Core: Neymar contributed 1 goal and 1 help after returning in the last round, obviously recovered from the injury;

2. Player: The main striker Richard Richard scored 3 goals three times in this World Cup. During the period, he was selected as the best player in the audience.

3. Trend: In the past 10 games, there have been 8 records of piercing data to win data;

4. Data: When the victory data is 1.40, the real win rate can reach 87%;

5. Defense: There are two records of zero opponents in the four series. During the period, only 2 goals were lost, and the defense stability was good;

6. Physical energy: The last game faced in South Korea, led 4-0, and the second half was replaced with a lot of substitute players. Compared with the 120-minute bitter battle, Croatian can take advantage of a lot;


1. Fight: The successful power of the series of the series is only 42.9%, and the air defense capacity is obviously insufficient;

2. Efficiency: The average shot of this World Cup has reached 18.8 times, but only 1.8 goals per game, the shot conversion rate is only 9%, and the offensive efficiency is low;

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