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World Cup reminder: France’s recent balls are small. Benzema injury to the World Cup




1. Fighting: The last World Cup in Russia defeated Australia 2-1, and the confrontation has an advantage;

2. History: This year is the 16th time the team participated in the World Cup. The previous 15 participated in the finals with a total of 3 times in the finals, rich experience;

3. Power: In the previous preliminaries, teams in Ukraine, Finland, Bosnia and Herzegovina won the qualifications of the main match with the team;

4. Player: The team’s player Mbappe has scored 7 in the past 6 game -rear competitions. It is very good.

5. Coach: During his tenure, the 54 -year -old local coach Dechang won the World Cup champion and the European Cup runner -up, with strong coaching ability;

6. Data: When Shengping’s main victory data is near 1.28, the team’s actual probability of winning data is 60%.


1. Injury stop: forward Benzema missed the World Cup due to muscle straps;

2. Recent conditions: The recent 6 European Union competitions have only achieved 1 win, 2 draws and 3 losses, and the performance is bad;

3. Power path: In the previous 5 games, all scores were scored, and the team’s recent ball was smaller.



1. Status: Previously, the friendly match won 2 consecutive victories, and the status was good;

2. Toughness: The team defeated Peru to advance to the main game through the penalty shootout of the World Cup;

3. Data: In the past 5 games, various events have been penetrated by 4 data. Recently, the data ability has excellent ability.


1. History: This year is the sixth time the team participated in the World Cup. The previous five participants were only 1 time. The best score during the period was that the German World Cup scored 16 goals;

2. Coach: 59-year-old local coach Graham Arnold took office in July 2018. The coaching career played for the first time against the French team. The coaching ability needs to be verified;

3. Trend: The game with the same data in the past 4 times was finally penetrated three times, and the performance was not good;

4. Injury: According to local sources, the winger Martin Boil, who played for Hibenianian, quit the big list due to knee injury.

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