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World Cup reminder: England may be disturbed by temperature factors that Iranian vitality is poor




1. Groups: This competition is the same group of opponents and strong teams such as Wales in the United States. This game will have a strong desire to grab points;

2. Ranking: The world ranking has been maintained in the fifth in the near future, and the overall strength is guaranteed;

3. Age: The average age in this big list is 26.4 years old, with both vitality and competition experience;

4. Player: The main striker Harry Kane scored 6 goals in the last World Cup.


1. Judgment: This referee is the Brazilian referee Claus. Its law enforcement venues will present 0.23 red cards and 4.54 yellow cards.

2. Outside field: At present, Qatar’s temperature is still above 30 degrees, which is not good for European teams such as England;

3. Data: When the winning data is 1.33, the real win rate is only 67%, which is slightly lower than the data win rate of 75%;

4. Goalkeeper: The goalkeeper has always been the weakness of the England team. This time they just brought Rams Dell, Pop and Pikford. The performance of the three goalkeepers is not very stable;

5. Injury stop: The back guard Kyle Walker currently has minor injuries. This game will be a state of doubt;



1. Ranking: Iran is currently in the 20th place in the world. Recently, there have been records that defeat Uruguay in warm -up games. The overall strength cannot be underestimated;

2. Fortune: This time, many players who have played in Europe, such as Porto striker Tarimi, played in Leverkusen’s center Azmun, etc.

3. Experience: As the Asian strong team, Iran has repeatedly reached the World Cup finals. The previous session still scored 4 points in the same group in Spain and Portugal. The strength and experience did not lose the European team;

4. Defense: There are 6 records of zero opponents in the last 10 games;


1. Fighting: There are few records in the history of the two teams in history. The encounter in this game will definitely play very carefully;

2. Size: In the past nine games, there are 8 records with a total number of goals of less than 3 times in the past nine games, and the kick is very conservative;

3. Age: The average age of this lineup of Iran reached 28.9 years, which is relatively energetic;

4. Injury stop: The main striker Azmun currently has muscle injuries in the body. It is unknown whether it can be played in this round;

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