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World Cup-Neymar scoring Croatia’s penalty game eliminates Brazil


Croatia eliminates Brazil

At 23:00 on December 9th (18:00 local time in Qatar), the 2022 World Cup 1/4 finals competed. Croatia won Brazil by 5-3 through penalty shootouts.Neymar and Petkovich scored in overtime, and Rodrigo and Malginios both fined penalties.

Croatia only used Passalic and Sosa to rotate.Brazil continues to win South Korea’s starting lineup.

Venus long shot was easily obtained by Livakovic.The Croatian goalkeeper then rescued Neymar’s shot on the left side of the penalty area.

In the second half.Millyton’s ones on the right side of the penalty area, Guevadiul intercepted the oolong, Livakovic stretched out his leg to block the ball.Pacquita was shot in front of the penalty area and was saved by Livakovic.Richarson passed the ball, and the small angle of Neymar’s penalty shot was rescued again.

Enter the overtime.Brazil broke the deadlock in the first half of the overtime. Neymar and Pacquita kicked the wall and shook the goal to shoot Livakovich into the empty door.This is his 77th national team scoring the goal and tied Belly’s goal.Croatia equalized in the 117th minute, Olsic broke into the left side of the penalty area, and Petkovic shot into the lower left corner, 1-1.

Enter the penalty kick.In the first round: Flasic achieved it overnight, Rodrigo’s penalty penalty was saved by Livakovic, 1-0; Two rounds: Mayel and Casemiro hit both, 2-1; 3rdWheel: Moschi and Pedro shot in, 3-2; the fourth round: Olsic achieved overnight, Markinios hit the column, 4-2.Croatia is promoted.

Croatia (4-3-3): 1-Livakovic; 22-Yulanovic, 6-Lovllen, 20-Gevadiol, 19-Sosa (110 ‘, 17-BudiMills); 10-Moschi, 11-Brozovic (114 ‘, 18-Olsic), 8-Kovacic (106’, 7-Mayer); 15-Passalic (Passalic (72 ‘, 13-Flasic), 9-Clamaric (72’, 16-Petkovic), 4-Perisic

Brazil (4-2-3-1): 1-Alison; 14-Milytang (106 ‘, 6-Sandro), 4-Markinios, 3-Silva, 2-Danilo;5-Casemiro, 7-Pacquita (106 ‘, 8-Fred); 11-Rafinia (56’, 19-Anthony), 10-Neymar, 20-Venetus (64 ‘, 21-Rodrigo); 9-Richarison (84’, 25-Pedro)


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  1. Croatia … Football Serbie!

  2. The Brazilian team prepared ten sets of dances to celebrate the goal, which seems to be unused.Those who played against South Korea were too much. After ten hours, they were very sad, and they were better low -key.

  3. Maer is the first penalty for Mao. After entering the morale of the team, it seems that Koreans should thank Croatia for teaching with their feet fiercely.

  4. Self -making cannot live

  5. Reply
    |2022Thereisasayingintheimmortal 10 12 月, 2022 at 2:11 上午

    Belgium has been ranked first for a long time

  6. Brazil has also thought so before

  7. Weird the whole field attack is too fierce. The goalkeeper of the team does not have to fight chicken. 👍

  8. I have to say that Croatia is the king of the knockout. They have a good way. The last World Cup was like this.Methods all the way to the finals.

  9. The Samba Legion leaves scars again!

  10. The pot where Brazil lost to the Korean back. The first half of the game scored a goal in the first half of the overtime. It was still not satisfied. It was still overturning the attack on the entire line.The last game is crooked, but unfortunately Croatia is not South Korea

  11. Da Luo invited meals to be sprayed, which has affected the concentration of the players

  12. Is there any problem with the referee of this fake ball?

  13. Like what I want, I know the Brazilian Assei at the end of the first half of the night!

  14. In Argentina for 90 minutes, will Croatia go to the final!Intersection

  15. My prediction is right

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