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World Cup-Moroccan goalkeeper key to save Croatia’s front line dumb


Croatia Battle Ping Morocco

At 18:00 on November 23rd Beijing time (13:00 local time in Qatar), the 2022 World Cup group F started the competition in the first round. Morocco tied the Croatia 0-0. The two sides had few opportunities for the audience.

The two sides were evenly matched in the first half. Croatia got a chance before the end of the halftime, and Sasa’s on the left side of the penalty area was in the middle of the penalty area. Flasic shot closely by Bu Nu.

In the second half. The Bunu corner kick again made a key rescue. Ashlav’s free kick was shot from Livakovic.

Morocco (4-2-3-1): 1-Budu; 2-Ashlav, 6-Sees, 5-Agde, 3-Mazlav (60 ‘, 25-Allah); 8 -Onasi (82 ‘, 11-Sabiri), 4-Amrabat; 7-Ziyech, 15-Amara, 17-Bhar (65’, 16-Ezalzoli) ; 19-Ensisri (81 ‘, 9-Hamdala)

Croatia (4-3-3): 1-Livakovic; 22-Yulanovic, 5-Lovllen, 20-Gevadiol, 19-Saisa; 10-Mosch, 11 -Brozovic, 8-Kovacic (79 ‘, 7-Mayer); 13-Flasic (46’, 15-Passalic), 9-Clarge (71 ‘, 14 -Livaja), 4-Perisic (90 ‘, 18-Olsic)


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  1. This game made me sleep beautifully at 6 or 7 in the evening

  2. Croatian players are too old

  3. I watched it as a poker

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