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World Cup-Messi Transmitting Gong Jian Gong Argentine penalty game eliminates the Netherlands


Messi Transmission

Beijing time on December 10th at 03:00 (2:00 local time on the 9th local time), the 2022 World Cup 1/4 finals competed. Argentina won the Dutch through a penalty score of 6-5, Messi transmission, Molina, Molina, MolinaWon the goal, Whethoster equalized 2 goals.Martinez hit the penalty twice in a penalty.

The Netherlands only used Bell’s temperature rotation.Argentina also used L-Martinez to rotate.

Argentina broke the deadlock in the 35th minute, Messi broke through the direct pass, and Molina shot lowly at the net with a single knife at 10 yards.

In the second half.Messi broke through the opportunity of a free kick in 20 yards, and he was slightly higher than the beam.Argentina expanded its advantage in the 73rd minute. Akunia was tripped by Dunfris in the left side of the penalty area. Messi made a penalty penalty, 2-0.

In the 83rd minute of the Netherlands, the city was pulled on the right, and Voguis passed on the right, and Voghster pushed a rebound ball at the back corner at 12 yards, 1-2.In the 101st minute of the Netherlands, Kopmanas did not choose a shot at a free kick at 20 yards. He directly passed on the Vehkst in the wall. He turned around at 10 yards and shot into the net at 2-2.

Enter the overtime.Enzo hit the left column in front of the 121st minute for the penalty area.

Enter the penalty kick.In the first round: Van Dak’s penalty penalty was saved, Messi hit the penalty, 0-1; the second round, Martinez once again hit the Boguis’s penalty, Preders made an overnight, 0-2; In the third round, Kupmanas and Montel both were punished, 1-3; in the fourth round, Waoster calmly punished, Ensuo’s penalty penalty leaned out of the left column, 2-3; In the fifth round, Luke De Rong shot low into the lower left corner, and Laotaro achieved it overnight, 3-4.

Netherlands (3-4-1-2): 23-Noper; 2-Tingberg, 4-Van Dark, 5-Ak; 22-Dunfris, 15-Delonn (46 ‘, 20-Kuppmas), 21-De Rong, 17-Blind (64 ‘, 9-De Rong); 8-Garcbo; 10-Depe (78’, 19-Wehaster), 7-Bellwin (46 ‘, 11-Boguis)

Argentina (5-3-2): 23-Martinez; 26-Molina (106 ‘, 4-Montel), 13-Romero (78’, 6-Pezula), 19-Austrian AustrianTagathy, 25-L-Martinez (112 ‘, 11-Di Maria), 8-Akania (78’, 3-Taliafiko); 7-De Paul (66 ‘, 5–Palraders), 24-Enzo, 20-McColist; 10-Messi, 9-Alvarez (82 ‘, 22-Raotars)


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  1. I did n’t understand the Dutch team, and I had no intention to get in the overtime. The momentum just came up, and I was almost killed. Could it be that I thought about the ball from the beginning?In the problem, the Dutch ball game has not won. How do you think you can win yesterday?Think about it?

  2. What about the pass?IntersectionCan others be?IntersectionTake back the ball within 2 seconds with Cristiano Ronaldo?

  3. This penalty is really cheating, but it is not Messi cheating.Messi really does not have the ability to cheat points …

  4. Mei Ball king, always the first time he stands up and penalty kicks, throw throwing and scolding and scolding, no one exaggerate …The teammates got it directly … As a result, they were eliminated by Croatia. This is the difference between the ball king and the superstar. There are still people who spray Messi penalty …

  5. If the Netherlands, the Netherlands will continue to adhere to the high -altitude bombing kick at the end of the conventional time.Why do you lead the team!

  6. Are you a furnishings as France?

  7. The shot to change others is also fine

  8. When he played a penalty, his heart was about to pop out.Home

  9. At least Argentina does not need to cry!

  10. Raitaro breaks the cardiac barrier and shoots the key penalty

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