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World Cup Golden Boots odds: Kane temporarily ranks first, Messi, Ronaldo Sixth


England striker Kane Temporary Gold Boots Top Tudge List

On November 20th, Beijing time, the highly anticipated 2022 Qatar World Cup will kick off, and 32 teams have been ready to go! Whenever the World Cup, in addition to the final championship, the Golden Boot Award is often the focus of fans. At present, the institution has issued the odds of gold boots for the World Cup. England striker Kane 1 will top the list for 8 temporary listing, French ace Mbappe 1 compensation for 9 seconds, Argentina core Messi 1 is ranked 3rd in 12, inside, inside, inside Mal, Benzema, and Ronaldo are 4-6 bits.


Judging from the latest list, England striker Harry Kane topped the list temporarily, and currently played for Tottenham in the Premier League team. In the last World Cup, Kane won the golden boots with 6 goals, but it included 4 penalty kicks, and 5 goals scored in the group stage, so the Golden Boot Award was criticized. This year’s World Cup England and Iran, the United States, and Wales are competing in the same group. The team’s strength is significantly higher than one gear, and maybe it will find more opportunities for Kane.

The second place is the French team’s trump card Mbappe, which is played with the Paris Saint -Germain in the French enlightenment. At present, he runs the league shooter list with 12 goals. Mbappe’s offensive ability is undoubted. In the last World Cup, he scored 4 goals in 7 games and played twice in the game against Argentina. However, it should be noted that another French striker Benzema returned to the national team after 8 years, and the odds of 1 lost 15 also entered the top 5 of the list. The French front line would be more or less “inner volume”.

Argentina’s core Messi 1 loses 12 rankings, a slight gap with the first two. Since the new season, Messi has a good condition. Not only is it in the club, he has won 10 goals in the nearly 4 national team games, and he has also made a transmission work against the UAE. However, for Messi, who is full of honor, as long as the team can win the Hercules Cup, he may not care so much about personal data.

Among the other players, Neymar 1 compensation 13, Benzema 1, 15, Ronaldo 1 compensation 21, also a strong competitor to the World Cup Golden Boot Award. In addition, a group of attackers such as Laitaro, Depe, Lukaku, Richardson, etc., with the odds exceeded 1 loss of 25, or more played a accompanying run.

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