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World Cup gold glove odds: Alleyon 1st Spanish teenager entered the top 3

This weekend, the 2022 Qatar World Cup is about to start. The top 32 lineup is ready. For such international competitions, a good goalkeeper can often reach the semi -branch team. Perhaps a key rescue can reverse the war. At present, the institution has given the gold glove odds of this World Cup. Alisato tops the list with 1 loss 5.5. 7 Tyrked third.

The first gold glove odds were Liverpool’s main goalkeeper and Brazil’s first goalkeeper Alisone. He ranked first with a 5.5 odds. Compared to his competitor Manchester City’s main goalkeeper Edson, he has more stable performance and more rich competition experience, and has almost no weaknesses and few mistakes.

The second ranking was Kurtuva, the winner of the last World Cup gold glove. Belgian goalkeeper Kuruva has attracted much attention in the last cup, and has repeatedly sent highlight performance, especially in the key battle against Brazil, in the last few seconds, the Neymar’s threatening dead angle shot, Turn the game results in one fell swoop. In the last cup, he made a total of 27 savings and finally won the award. Aside from emotional intelligence and popularity, he deserves the title of world -class goalkeeper.

Two-thirds are two, namely the 14-year World Cup Golden Globe Winner Neuer and Spanish goalkeeper Ulei Simon, both of which are 1 loss. Neuer, as the world’s first goalkeeper, does not need to say, physical fitness, rescue ability, and scope of activities are top -level. Even if they are older, they still have the main goalkeeper of Bayern and German teams. He has helped the German team to win the 14 -year World Cup championship, and at the same time won gold gloves in the industry.

Uya Simon played for the La Liga Bilbao Football Club. It is a 97-year player who is quite young in the goalkeeper circle. The De Gea of ​​Manchester United won the position of the country. However, it may be because of being young that he often has low -level mistakes. Whether it can perform well in the World Cup depends on the situation.

French goalkeeper Hugo-Loris, who played for Tottenham, ranked 5th with 1 loss 7.5; Argentis goalkeeper Martinez, who played for Villa, ranked 6th, and was also a strong contention for gold gloves. In addition, Demois (Brazil), Diono Costa (Portugal) and Justin Byolo (Netherlands) are all loser and 15th.


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