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World Cup-Derong Assists 2 goals 2-0 before the end of the Netherlands 2-0 victory over Senegal


The Netherlands 2-0 victory over Senegal

At 00:00 on November 22, Beijing time (19:00 on the 21st local time of Qatar), the 2022 World Cup group A in the first round of the World Cup competed, the Dutch 2-0 Lickekar, De Rong assisted Karpo break the deadlock, Clason made up time to advance ball.

In the first half, both sides had offensive and defensive. The most threatened offensive came from the Netherlands, and Gakobo passed on the right. Blinds had a header of the header in front of the penalty area.

In the second half. Diata passed the ball, and Dia’s low -shot near corner was saved by Noper. Sarr passed the ball, and the Gaye was drawn in the edge of the penalty area.

The 84th minute of the Netherlands broke the deadlock. Derong passed on the left. The Garkebo’s small penalty zone snatched the goalkeeper before the Senegal goalkeeper. In the 99th minute of the Netherlands, the victory was locked, and Derpe shot outside the edge of the penalty area and was pushed out by Mendi. Clason made up the net, 2-0.

Senegal (4-3-3): 16-Mendi; 21-Sabari, 3-Kulbari, 4-Sicis, 22-Diaol (62 ‘, 14-Jacobs); 8 -Cyat (73 ‘, 26-Gaye), 6-Mendi, 5-Gaye; 18-Sal, 9-Dia (69’, 20-Dion), 15-Diata (74 ‘, 7-Jackson)

Netherlands (5-3-2): 23-Noper; 22-Dunfris, 3-Derecht, 4-Van Dike, 5-Ak, 17-Blinden; 21-De Rong, 8 -Chakbo (94 ‘, 15-Delonn), 11-Boguis (79’, 20-Kuppmanas); 18-Yansen (62 ‘, Depe), 7-Bellwin ( 79 ‘, 14-Clason)


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  1. Reply
    LiuShuoisamidfieldershot 11月 22, 2022 at 2:09 上午

    The Senegal African Cup champion is very strong.

  2. The final goal saved countless people. Essence Essence Essence

  3. The color of the Dutch team uniform is hard to see

  4. Van Dak, Derecht on the defender line, which is not a club. Football is not the only striker. You can say that the striker has no big -name star.

  5. The Netherlands played messy

  6. The two teams in the first half lacked the core of the goalkeeper, which wasted some opportunities. The second half was still the same. Only at the end of the Dutch to seize the opportunity.

  7. The final 2 goals, 0 goals in the end?

  8. Reply
    |SuperSZconcentriccircle 11月 22, 2022 at 2:09 上午

    The Netherlands, where there is no big -name star, has become the second place in Europe!

  9. Senegal is the power of the African champion. It is only 16th in the Dutch and European Cup. It can win 2: 0, indicating that the Netherlands is better.

  10. The Netherlands is really not playing very much

  11. What to do if there is no Mane

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