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World Cup-Cunnuz regrets the columns of Danish Tunisian white scrolls and


Danish tie Tunisia

At 21:00 on November 22nd, Beijing time (16:00 local time in Qatar), the 2022 World Cup Group D was competing in the first round, Denmark tied Tunis 0-0, and Kinelis regretted the neutral pillar.

Both sides were cautious in the first half. Drag’s long shot was slightly missed. Anderson and Hoybir long shot were also rescued. The shot in the penalty area was also saved by Schmeichel.

In the 55th minute, Christensen passed directly, and the offside Dams was transmitted to the right side of the penalty area. Olson shot into the lower left corner at 13 yards, and the goal was invalid. In the 70th minute, Eriksson kicked the corner, Christensen headed the header, and Kornels hit the goal on the right side of the goal.

In the 71st minute, Anderson was hit by the ball in the penalty area. The referee did not punish and VAR did not remind him. When the injury stopped, Lindstren’s long shot from the right.

Denmark (3-5-2): 1-Schmeichel; 2-Anderson, 4-Kial (65 ‘, 7-Yansen), 6-Christensen; 13-Christensen, 8 8, 8 -Dlaii (45+1 ‘, 14-Dams Gao), 10-Eriksson, 23-Holkl, 5-McHelle; 11-Olson (65’, 25-Lin Lin Destren), 12-Dolberry (65 ‘, 21-Korinel)

Tunisia (3-4-2-1): 16-Dahmen; 3-Talby, 4-Meriah, 6-Bloom; 20-Drag (88 ‘, 21-Kaichida) , 17-Schryi, 14-Lendney (88 ‘, 13-Saxi), 24-Abdi; 25-Srimman (67’, 23-Sliti), 7-Muzaci ( 80 ‘, 8-Mebri); 9-Jaybari (80’, 11-Heniti)


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  1. Xiao Wei [Smile]

  2. The process is very exciting

  3. It feels like a kind of vegetable chicken pecking, more intense, wonderful, there is no look at the head

  4. The national football must have such a tenaciousness like TunisianHeart hurts!

  5. Reply
    RiversandLakesandSeaeachhavefishingboatseach 23 11 月, 2022 at 2:28 上午

    Taishan should take the big one to support Denmark in the past.

  6. Reply
    LiuLiuXiaoman1279101448 23 11 月, 2022 at 2:28 上午

    Both of the mediocre Denmark corner kicks are not as highly quality. I hope that these two teams will go out.Progress

  7. The first two teams of the World Cup made each other with each other in the first two teams

  8. The abnormal state played by Denmark today is generally not the level of the top 16

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