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World Cup-C Luojin Board Creating History B Faries 2 Assisting Portugal 3-2 wins Ghana


Cristiano Ronaldo Creation History

At 00:00 on November 25th, Beijing time (19:00 on the 24th local time of Qatar), the 2022 World Cup H group ht compete in the first round, Portugal won 3-2 in Ghana, Cristiano Ronaldo became the first person in the 5th World Cup. Assist Felix and Loio scoring.

In the 10th minute of Portugal, Portugal got a chance, Ortavio passed directly, and Ronaldo was shot by a single knife at 12 yards. The goalkeeper was blocked. Then Cristiano Ronaldo’s corner ball attack on the right side of the small and medium -sized penalty area. In the 31st minute, Felix hooked, Cristiano Ronaldo pushed the left side of the penalty area and pushed into the far corner on the left side of the penalty area.

In the 64th minute of Portugal, Portugal broke the deadlock. In the Sali Soviet penalty area, Cristiano Ronaldo fouled, and Ronaldo made a penalty penalty. Ghana equalized in the 73rd minute. Cutus passed on the left side of the penalty area. The ball hit the ball in the middle of Perera’s legs. Ayou shot the door at a close range, 1-1.

Portugal scored 2 goals over again. In the 78th minute, B Fei was straightforward, and Felix shot into the far corner at 12 yards on the right side of the penalty area, 2-1. In the 80th minute, B passed the ball, and the upper left corner of the Royo’s small penalty area shot low into the far corner, 3-1. Ghana closer the gap again in the 89th minute. Baba’s left side of the penalty area rotated, and the header of the small penalty area of ​​Bukarari broke the goal, 2-3.

Portuguese (4-4-2): 22-Costa; 20-Cantonelo, 4-Dias, 13-Preira, 5-Greiro; 8-B fee, 18-Nevis (77 ‘(77’ , 15-Loao), 25-Otowio (56 ‘, Cavi), 10-Belnado (88’, 6-Palinia); Mos), 11-Felix (88 ‘, 17-Ruolo-Mario)

Ghana (5-4-1): 1-Qiji; 26-Arid (66 ‘, 2-Langpai), 23-Dejiru (92’, 25-Seamon schedules), 18-Altaya , 4-Salisu, 17-Baba; 20-Cutus (77 ‘, 11-Bukari), 5-Patty, 21-Sayd (92’, 8-Careh), 10- 10- A-A You (77 ‘, 9-J-Ayou); 19-Williams


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  1. The news is 5 minutes, the comment is two hours, and it is another day of touching the fish [hee hee].

  2. The penalty kick is a bit far -fetched

  3. My snail brush data is second. No one dares to call the first [Haha]

  4. When you are almost 38 years old, do you have one percent of him? LA Os!

  5. Did you see the upper body collision in the first half?

  6. I like to see you like this low -driving driver. It is helpless and helpless

  7. Cristiano Ronaldo is irreplaceable

  8. It is estimated that I bought the ball

  9. I like Cristiano Ronaldo too!

  10. Lian is old! Intersection Intersection Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo scored a goal by penalty kick.

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