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World Chair-National Football 0-2 Oman Ten Battle and One Winning Group Fifth World Preliminaries

At 00:00 on March 30, Beijing time, the 2022 Qatar World Cup qualifiers in Asia will play in the 10th round. This will also be the last game of the Chinese team in the World Cup Asian qualifiers. Soon after the first half, the Alman team shot a wonderful arc ball on the left to break the door of Yan Junling’s guard, and the Chinese team encountered a goal. Before the end of the half, the Alman team broke the goal again with a free kick, but unfortunately because the offside was invalid in the advanced ball. In the 74th minute of the second half, the Oman team broke the ball in the midfield, and Fawaz’s single -knife broke the goal to expand the results. In the end, after the 90 -minute competition, the two sides ended, and the Oman team won the Chinese team 2-0 at home. The country is enough to end the top 12 of the World Championship in the fifth group. [Play and earn you with red! Expert Wang Yundi profit more than 7 times!] [Download app]

In the first nine rounds of the 12th round, the Chinese team achieved a record of 1 win, 3 draws and 5 losses, and ranked fifth in Group B. In the first round of Oman, the national football team fought with the opponent 1 to 1. Although both teams have missed the Qatar World Cup in advance, they must want to use a victory to end the top 12.

After the start of the game, the Chinese team started actively fighting in the frontcourt. In the 3rd minute, the Alman team organized an attack on the middle of the road on the right. On the 7th, Higuri No. 7 shot on the 20th Ye Haiya. Two minutes later, the Chinese team was successfully steal in the frontcourt. When Liu Yang was looking for a breakthrough opportunity on the left, Liu Yang was first destroyed by the Oman defender to destroy the front line. Immediately after the Chinese team, the ball was on the field, and Liu Yang passed on the left and was blocked out of the bottom line. On the 16th, Liao Lisheng’s corner kick opened to the middle of the penalty area. On the 5th, Zhang Lin’s head ball attacked the goal, and the ball leaned out of the bottom line.

In the 8th minute, the Chinese team foul on the left side of the backcourt on the left side of the backcourt. The Alman team drove to the penalty area of ​​the Chinese team. On the 3rd Durbin’s goal, the ball shot, and the ball was slightly out of the goal. Two minutes later, the Oman team attacked on the right, a direct plugged penalty area on the 12th Favaz, Halxi No. 14 quickly inserted it with Liu Yang’s interference and poured the ball back to the middle of the road. Shooting, the ball hit the Chinese team’s beam.

In the 12th minute, the Alman team who continued to attack finally led. On the 4th, Alawi shot the angle of the corner after leaving the ball in the penalty area on the left. 1 behind Oman. After the goal, the Chinese team strengthened its control over the frontcourt. In the 20th minute, the Chinese team won the corner kick. Liao Lisheng kicked the ball to the penalty area. The first point was surrounded by the Oman team outside the penalty area. After two steps, the ball shot decisively, and the ball hit the Aman team defensive player. Since then, the two teams’ offensive and defensive transformations have not obtained too good shooting opportunities.

In the 40th minute, the Chinese team organized an offense in frontcourt. On the 17th of Dai Wei, Dai Weijun sent a straight stuffy with left and right. On the left of the 13th, Xu Xin quickly inserted into the penalty area and was blocked by the Oman defender when he was prepared to pass. The bottom line. Just 3 minutes later, the Alman team sent a long pass on the left. On the 4th, Alawi quickly slanted into the penalty area and stopped the ball. In the 45th minute, the Oman team got a free kick on the right side of the frontcourt. On the 20th, Ye Hailia kicked the ball to the penalty area. On the 4th, Alawi stopped the ball and made the goal on the 5th Harbus. Subsequently, the assistant referee gave the flag for the first time that Alawi was out of place when receiving the goal, and Habsi scored a goal invalid. In the halftime battle, the Oman team temporarily led the Chinese team at 1-0.

In the second half, the two sides changed again, and the Chinese team replaced the No. 8 Artemisia Junmin and replaced Liu Yang No. 19. In the 47th minute, the Chinese team No. 5 Zhang Linzheng knocked the Alman team 8 Agbari from behind. The referee Gao Hengjin decisively showed the yellow card warning to the former. In the 52nd minute, the Aman team on the left of the 20th on the left of Ye Haiya made a pass. On the 8th, Agbari hit the goal of the two defenders’ clamping defensive header, and the ball leaned out of the bottom line. In the 57th minute, the Oman team organized the attack on the right, and Halsey on the 14th of Halsey took the direct consequences of the direct consequences of the stuff of the middle road. On the 7th of Hagili, the ball was pushed, and the ball was slightly out of bounds. Three minutes later, the Alman team continued to make articles on the right. During the ball on the 14th, Halsey sent a ground rolling ball, and the ball scored an arc crossing the door of the Chinese team. Unfortunately, no players encountered the ball. Essence

In the 62nd minute, the Oman team broke the ball in the midfielder. On the 8th, Agbari took the ball and took the penalty area on the right side of the defensive player. Unfortunately, the ball shot Yan Junling on the side of the Chinese team. In the 68th minute, the Chinese team played a beautiful cooperation in the frontcourt. No. 8 Artemisia Junmin oblimed to the left after the ball in front of the opponent’s penalty area. On the body. In the 74th minute, the Oman team sent a fatal emptiness in the counterattack. After the 12th Farz, he went to the penalty area and broke the goal. The Alman team led the Chinese team 2-0.

Subsequently, the Alman team replaced two people. On the 11th, Gasani replaced Agbari No. 8, and Ahamidi No. 15 replaced Hargiri No. 7. In the 87th minute, the Chinese team Wu Xi grabbed the ball in the midfield. The Oman team used the experience of the old road to slow down the rhythm and began to control the rhythm of the game on the court, and did not give the Chinese team any chance. Three minutes after the game, the Korean referee Gao Heng screamed to the whistle ended at the end of the game. Eventually, the Alman team at home at home 2-0. Both sides launched a lineup:

State Football Team: 1-Yan Junling, 2-Zheng Zheng, 3-High Standard Wing, 5-Zhang Linzheng, 19-Liu Yang (46th minute 8-Hao Junmin), 20-Zhu Chenjie, 13-Xu Xin (57th minute 10– Zhang Dianzhe), 15-Wu Xi, 16-Liao Lisheng, 17-Dai Weijun, 9-Zhang Yingning (21st minute 21-Liu Binbin)

Site: 12-Liu Dianzo, 23-Wang Dalei, 4-Wang Yichao, 6-Jiang Guangtai, 7-Tong Lei, 8-Hao Junmin, 10-Zhang Dianzhe, 11-Tan Long, 14-Gao Tianyi, 18– Jixiang, 22-Yu Dabao, 21-Liu Binbin

Oman’s head: 1-Muhei, 2-Carbi, 3-Durbin (13-minute 13-Bragg), 5-Habsi, 8-Agbari (76th minute 11-Gasani ), 12-Favaz, 14-Halsey, 20-Ye Hailia, 23-Sa Adi, 4-Alavi, 7-Hargeli (76th minute 15-Ahamidi)

Site: 6-Ami, 9-Dalvish, 10-Halledi, 11-Gasani, 13-Bragg, 15-Ahmadi, 16-Fazari, 17-Salich , 18-Rashidi, 19-Mabrock, 21-Maleki, 22-Rawashi

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  2. After kicking? when? I have forgotten that there are such a team and such a game.

  3. I got fifth, good and pretty

  4. essentially 10,000 years is the bottom of the goods, and then everyone no longer cares about this stuff, and then this stuff disappears in China

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    Therearelesskeyboardiansandspray 11月 16, 2022 at 8:47 上午

    A group of waste products

  6. It is also regional

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  8. Not only loses the game, but also the hope of Chinese fans for football

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    UserThirdInternational 11月 16, 2022 at 8:47 上午

    national football people are too bad. See which age group is rushing out first. The reason for low age is more promising but not necessarily.

  10. All have won the European Cup champion

  11. I hope to see the national football loss. Essence

  12. It is recommended to surround the city and vigorously carry out rural football. There is no scene in urban football

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