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Woods will take a car out of the battle, the king confrontation, I believe that McLouri’s technology has no dead ends

On December 9th, Beijing time, Woods and his “Uranus” partner McRur commented on the best assets of the other party.

Woods laughed during the comments. He pointed out that McLouri’s “strength” was that there was really no weakness in his technology.

“I can tell you one thing,” Woods said, “I have the world’s first players in my team, so I have no problem.”

When commented on Woods, McRur pointed out that Woods’ hardcores have been accurate for many years.Obviously looking at it from the big aspect, the 15 Grand Slam champion winners are not only these advantages, but this is particularly prominent.

“He may have always been the best hardcore,” McLouri said. “I think if he can hit the ball onto the ball road and have a chance on the fairway, our opportunity must be very good.”

On Saturday, in the duel of Uranus, each player played his own ball.The event was launched under the lights of the Pelican Golf Club in Florida.In this 12 -hole match, calculate the best rods of each team.

Woods has not been in the game since San Andrews had been eliminated in July.In 2022, he only played two other games, and was promoted at the American Masters (T47) and the American PGA Championship (after the third round).He hopes to challenge the hero world in Bahamas last week.He did the east in that game, but was very unfortunate, but he had to deal with the soles of the right foot, which caused him to be extremely difficult to walk and had to retire.

Woods is 47 years old on December 30, looking forward to the play of the Uranus on Saturday, and the PNC Championships in Orando one week.At that time, he will partner with another partner that he is longing for: 13 -year -old son Charlie.In the two games, Woods allowed the use of the car.Woods almost broke the right leg in a car accident in 2021.He said that if he was driving a ball, he could play the homeonal medalist golf club, and there was very little restrictions.

“I can hit the ball,” Woods said, “I just went to point B from point A, I felt struggling … I had to cure the soles of the soles. This takes time. It is impossible to get better overnight.”

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