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Woods predecessor Williams decided to return to the rivers and lakes and then use the Scott backpack


Williams is a Scott backpack

On November 25, Beijing time, Steve Williams will leave the state of retirement.

New Zealand senior caddy was the last time to be a caddy, and the object of service was Adam Scott. The two broke up at the end of 2017, and now he plans to return to Adam Scott as a part-time caddy. In the next two weeks: the Australian PGA Championship and the Australian Open, Steve Williams will be Adam Scott backpacks. In 2023, he will share his work with Greg Hearmon, a conventional ball boy in Adam Scott.

“I am very excited to cooperate with Steve again to see if we can re-discover the miracles,” Adam Scott said. “As a player, you will experience multiple points of life. Now, the US tour is in the US tour. During the transition period, I am adapted. Steve and Greg sharing will help me get everything I need. I will get a fresh feeling in the biggest game. “

Steve Williams was famous for 12 years because of Woods, but in 2011, they parted ways. Late that year, Steve Williams began to cooperate with Adam Scott. Adam Scott’s only Grand Slam victory was achieved with the help of Steve Williams, which was the 2013 American Masters. The following year, Adam Scott reached the world’s first place.

However, by 2015, Steve Williams gradually turned into part-time jobs, but major competitions, including Grand Slam, were Adam Scott backpacks. Two years later, Steve Williams broke up with Adam Scott because Australians wanted a full-time backpacker. In December of that year, Steve Williams played a backpack for LPGA player Jiang Xiaolin to play in New Zealand women’s officials and then entered a state of retirement.

At the age of 58, he has left the full-time buddy for 5 years. Steve Williams is very excited to reunite with Adam Scott, who is 42 years old. Australians are currently ranked 34th in the world.

“I was very unforgettable during this time for Adam’s backpack. I helped him become the first Australian to win in Augusta,” Steve Williams said. “I feel Adam’s ball skills state Very good. Because I do n’t be a caddy, I am in a fresh state now, so I will bring a lot of enthusiasm. I always say to Adam and others: If you want to be remembered as a great player, you must win many Grand Slam.

“It is my honor to help Yazhong win the second Grand Slam titles and put him into a special group of golf history.”

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