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Woods Father and Son confirmed that the defending champion of the PNC Championship champion Dali Father and Son played


Woods and son Charlie

On November 26th, Beijing time, Tiger Woods and 13-year-old son Charlie planned to return to the PNC Championship, hoping that this time it would be better than the last time.

A total of 20 teams participated. Among each team, there must be a Grand Slam or player championship championship. He will lead his children or his parents. This is the third time Woods. A year ago, he and Charlie’s lagging champion John Dali and his son won the runner-up. John Dali Father and Son determined that he would defend.

The 36 -hole event was broadcast live by the NBC. The hosting time was from December 17th to 18th.

“We are looking forward to this week throughout the year,” Woods said. “As a father, this is a special opportunity. You can join hands with his son to fight the great men of golf and their family members. This is a very special week, I am, I Know that Charlie and I will live well. “

Woods has not played in July in the British Open held in St. Anderus in July. He plans to participate in the hero world challenge held in Bahamas next week. In this 72 -hole competition, 20 people participated, including many world masters.

Woods will also participate in a show competition for TV on December 10. He will partner McRur, against Justin Thomas and Jordan Spees.

In other words, he will play 7 rounds in 18 days.

Justin-Thomas and Jordan Sipi also partnered with their father to participate in the PNC Championship. Justin-Thomas’s father Mike has been a coach for many years, and the cooperation between the two father and son in 2020 won.

Saurenttan participated again, this time was the partner’s son Wil. The participating list of the PNC Championship also includes Neully Koda and his father, and Petr Korda, the pre-champion of the Australian Tennis Open.

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