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Women’s Ranking: Sakurai Hearts has won the championship to 133 in the top 20 in the world.


Sakurai Hearto

On January 10th, Beijing time, only a women’s competition with world points was held worldwide.The Hitachi Charity Cup (Women’s Tour), which has a total bonus of NT $ 10 million, was held in the East of Taipei.After the 2 -year -old girl Sakurai, the 18 -year -old girl in Japan won the championship, the world ranking rose to 133.

In the past year, Sakurai Heart has been fighting in the second -level tour of the Japanese tour.She won the five -championship and seized the bonus king, not only broke the record of the most year, but also set the record of the youngest prize.It will be upgraded to the first -level tournament of Japan next year. Sakurai Heart will win NT $ 2.5 million (about RMB 556,000) and 4 world points for the first time in Taipei. Its world ranking has risen from 153 to 133.It reached a new height in life.

Wu Jiayan, a 18 -year -old player in Taipei, Chinese, just won a female platform for a women’s platform last week, ranked second in Taipei Oriental, scored 2.4 world points, and rose from 254 to 226.

Because there are no major women’s events in the world, top players have spent the New Year holidays, and the top 20 in the world have not changed. Let’s take a look at their specific rankings.

1. Gao Baozhen

2. Nery-Koda

3. Ata

4. Li Yizhi

5. Gao Zhenrong

6. Leccy-Thompson

7. Brook Henderson

8. Tian Renzhi

9. Jin Xiaoxiao

10. Sakayama Nai

11. Lyona-Malui

12. Celine Portir

13. Jennifer-Capuqiu

14. Park Minzhi

15. Lin Xizhen

16. Jiang Xiaolin

17. Chali Hull

18. Jessica-Koda

19. Hana-Green

20. Cui Huizhen

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