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Women’s Day Tour 2023 A total of 38 stations in four days.

On December 24, Beijing time, the Women’s Day Tour has announced the 2023 schedule on the 20th. The number of games next year is the same as this year, but there are some subtle changes.

Starting from the Dajin Industry Phalaenopsis Women’s Goller Games, which opened on March 2, the number of events remained unchanged, all of which were 38 stations, with a total bonus of 4.490 million yen, an increase of 47.85 million yen over the previous year.It is the year when the epidemic is merged in 2020 and 2021.

The second stop of the season -Meiji Anta Life Women’s Cup increased from 3 days to 4 days, and the award amount increased accordingly to 20 million yen to 100 million yen.

A 4 -day contest will have a total of 19 stations next year, including 4 Grand Slam and LPGA’s “East Pottery Japan Elite Competition.”

President Xiaolin Haomei said: “Starting to strengthen the tour in 2013, this year is the tenth year. The goal of formulating is 2020, half of the game, for four days. This goal can be achieved next year.”

In addition, several games changed their names for some reasons.The first qualification was discharged after the June Yenix Golf game, and the second time after the 50th Gongcheng TV Cup in September-Dunlop Women’s Gongkong.

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