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Women’s 10 yuan machine selected 7 -star lottery 5 million to support her husband to guess the World Cup


Grand Prize winner redemption

“Although I can’t call the” senior ‘, I can be regarded as a loyal enthusiast of a sports lottery. Speaking of the origin of the award, what I want to tell you is to insist on buying, there will be gains! “Recently, I appeared in the Sports Lottery Center Center. Ms. Xie (Hua’s surname) who received the bonuses said that she was the winner of the 7 -Star Lottery of Yantai. On November 8th, Ms. Xie selected 10 yuan votes through a machine, and won the first prize of the 7 -star lottery, with a prize of 5 million yuan.

Unlike other awards winners, Ms. Xie did not receive the prize alone, but brought her family and a few girlfriends: “After knowing the winning, I was very excited and thought about sharing the award with the closest people. Happy, come to receive the prize today, of course, you have to bring everyone together! “While handling the redeeming procedures, Ms. Xie, who is cheerful, tells her story with the 5 million awards.


Winning lottery

For the dream of the award, the persistence of not going to the period

In the conversation, I learned that the super Lotto and the 7th star lottery play is good at Ms. Xie’s mind: “I just started buying the lottery, I bought it for a few issues, and found that it was really interesting. After that, I learned about sports. The public welfare attribute of the lottery has strengthened my idea of ​​buying. “For Ms. Xie, betting the sports lottery is a hope for betting. She likes digital gameplay. Each period of each period and 7 -star lottery have not missed: “These two gameplay dates are different, I will buy each issue, but I never bet high. Generally Note, sometimes you buy Da Lotto to add addition! “On the day of buying the lottery, it was the 7 -star lottery day. When I passed the lottery station near the residence after get off work, Ms. Xie bought a 5th ticket to choose a 5th ticket. The 7 stars that night The lottery number 2 3 6 9 7 1+1 2, which is this lottery, gave her 5 million yuan award.

Good luck to be shared.

Ms. Xie has the habit of viewing the results of the lottery in time, and learned that she won the prize that night. She is also a enthusiastic and loved person. After learning that she won the prize, she wanted to invite friends to receive the prize together: “I and my girlfriends like to buy lottery tickets. They usually remind each other. The prize, I thought of notifying everyone at the first time! “After several friends learned, they also excitedly followed Ms. Xie. Soon everyone reached an agreement and met to receive the prize together to witness and share this moment. The girlfriend accompanied by the side joked: “We are all happy for her. Let’s take the prize together today. We must not let her go. We will find the best restaurant for a while and celebrate a good meal, haha!” Ms. Xie! I also smiled and rejected the joy of the award, and everyone present felt it.

Planning bonus use, support your husband to enjoy the joy of guessing

Speaking of the use of bonuses, Ms. Xie’s husband joked: “We have discussed for several days, and there is no specific planning, haha!” Ms. Xie also said that the current state of life is very good, her happiness is in her current state, her happiness is very happy, her happiness is her happiness, her happiness is her happiness. The index is very high and will not change because of the arrival of the award. When it comes to the hot World Cup quiz game, Ms. Xie said: “My husband is also a sports lottery enthusiast. The favorite is quiz gameplay, bonus, you must come up with some hobbies to support her husband. This time the World Cup, let him let him. Take a look, haha! “

While dedicating public welfare and love, sports lottery also sent leisure, happiness and surprises to every lottery buyer through various brand games. Betting will have the opportunity and look forward to adding lottery to the life of more lottery buyers.

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