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Wind reviews plummeted!Should the NBA golden acid plum award be awarded to James?

James won the golden acid plum award with “Big Slam Dunk 2”. Don’t get me wrong. This is not a compliment, but a trash can used to satire the bad film.

Everyone knows that Warner has remaked Mr. Qiao’s “Sky Slam Dunk” again after nearly 30 years. It is obviously a dog tail marten, just to rely on James’s popularity and IP feelings to harvest a wave. Fans, in the end, James was also reasonable.

This has no effect on James. After all, acting is playing tickets. He doesn’t rely on this meal. What is the wind review in the performing arts circle?

However, the wind review of the basketball circle will really affect James’s career, and now he is facing such a cusp …

The bad record of the Lakers this season has greatly dragged James’s public image. The Lakers first only fell out of the championship group, and then fell out of the playoffs.

To some extent, the Lakers are like a national football. At first they lost Japan, and they lost even Vietnam. The face really didn’t want it!

Yesterday, I lost a good game with a 23 points ahead of the Pelicans. I was overtaken by the 10th position of the big waterbird from the 10th place in the west.

James said: We lose because there are too many young people in the team. They are not prepared for such high -intensity games. Even if these veterans can cope with this key game, they can’t hold the young people to drag me back?

As soon as Ajan’s words come out, it is a bit unconventional. Is the Lakers core of you or young? Is the ball in your hands or young? Since you are the highest leader of this team, you have pushed the pot to your teammates. Is it ugly?

What’s more, at first glance, the lowest seems to be your veterans?

In fact, as the Lakers lost and worse, seeing that the championship was hopeless, Ajan also seemed to have began to lose interest in the Lakers. He seemed to pay more attention to his data than leading the team out of the quagmire.

After several defensive command traffic, James, who had been infringed from public opinion, and after the junk time fist punching the score, even the most loyal fans began to doubt life and asked yourself. Is this the old Zhan that everyone knows?

Although James repeatedly broke the historic record this season, what made people laugh is that every time James reaches a new peak, it is a loss to wait for him.

On the day the day when he became the only 3W+1W+1W, the team defeated to the first sun in the West, surpassing the ball in the history of the historical scores, and was reversed by the fourth quarter of the Wizards. Yesterday James became the youngest 37,000 points, and he ate a defeat of being reversed by his opponent 23 points. Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence

In the bleak season of the Lakers’ Day, James has repeatedly reached a record high in personal scores. He even scored 30.1 points to run the score list, refers to the record king record with the largest season of history.

However, if the Lakers were rejected by the additional region at the end of the season, James’s record was more like a milestone that was humiliated rather than let the fans toast.

After all, we can see that he seems to be in the team at all, and this should be a professional athlete, and even the person who is regarded as a model player, should it look like?

What the fans want to see are James, which is omnipotent and leading the team on the court, but also led the team to impact the championship instead of the “brush” that has reached a new high but defeated.

I believe that compared to the goodwill of James to continue such a defeat fans, everyone is more willing to see a difficult situation and not losing. Even if the team is now full of scars, they can still do their best to play with teammates on the court and play teammates. Continue to move forward.

What everyone wants to see is not James who complains with teammates after the game, but that even sprained the ankle can be resurrected immediately, and then leads the team to fight back to win the victory.

Such a role of role is what James should have the history of basketball.

But now he seems to forget his role in the script, trapped in the seams of difficulties and distorted self -needs, and swaying.

If James performs like this, maybe he should also ask the fans to award a “golden acid plum award” to the basketball court?

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  1. The duel is brushed to the first retirement! Intersection Intersection Because in the NBA, I only pay attention to data! Intersection How many years later, everyone only knows who is the first? Ma Long has been with Qiao Qiao for so long! Intersection What use

  2. There are 40 people, what do you want to urinate, or you do n’t go on

  3. James ’values, who do n’t have any benefits to individuals will not pay and strive. Still compete for history? There is no basic sports spirit. No one mentioned in three years after retiring, and it was a joke that mentioned it

  4. The first person in entertainment is indeed the Lord Mousse

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    WaterBrotherSellingMatch1 11月 12, 2022 at 9:57 上午

    Does the Hollywood director not see the face value? This guy is a ugly product in the long category … Can movies still sell for a movie?

  6. I feel that this is more suitable [hee hee] What did you get? Relieve you with a hair? Intersection Intersection

  7. James is very clever. He knows the importance of personal data to its historical status. No one will care about how miserable their team winning rate is today, but after many years, the person on the list will always be used to talk about it. Essence Therefore, personal data is brushed, and the championship is very accurate. When people are more emotional, they cannot prove who is stronger.

  8. 一 毛 五.

  9. Because he is an Internet celebrity! Now all walks of life are the world of Internet celebrities!

  10. should be awarded to Xiaobian

  11. What did you get? Relieve you with a hair? Intersection Intersection

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