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Will there be surprises? Where will the re -sail Chinese football 2023 be sailed?

Source: Bian Liqun/China News Service

The 2022 season of the FA Cup has not ended, but the 2023 of Chinese football has begun.

2022 is the world of football in the world, but Chinese football has experienced a small year -Chinese men’s football not only lost the hope of entering the World Cup early, but also lost to Vietnam at the node on the first day of the New Year.Audio “”.

Fortunately, the Chinese Women’s Football Asian Cup reached the top of the Chinese football 2022.

In the new 2023, the Chinese men’s football U17 has taken the lead in starting the first training. The U19 team has just ended New Year’s training, and the national football selection handsome work is also underway.

The World Championship, Asian Cup, Women’s World Cup, Asian Games … Chinese football is enriched in the new year, but at the same time, it will also face many challenges.

Where will the restarted Chinese football be sailed?

资料图:卡塔尔世界杯预选赛亚洲区12强赛中,国足客场0:2不敌日本。图片来源:IC photo

Data map: In the top 12 of the Qatar World Cup qualifiers, the National Football Team lost 0: 2 to Japan.Picture source: IC Photo

Chinese men’s football that needs to be restarted

From the end of the top 12 of the World Championship at the end of March last year, to this day, the Chinese men’s football national team has been shelving in the past nine months -no training, no friendly match, and even the coach are left without saying.However, in view of the fact that there is no World Cup mission, plus objective factors affect the impact, it is normal to be so abnormal.

However, the preliminaries and Asian Cups are getting closer, and the reconstruction of the Chinese men’s football team is imminent.It is reported that the National Football Team Selection Handsome is in progress.In view of the only more than two months left from the international competition day at the end of March, there are not many room for time to leave the handsome job. Before re -sailing, this is the first problem that needs to be solved.

For the new coach, the task of taking over the national football team is not small.In the last World Cup cycle, only Zhang Yuning and Zhu Chenjie’s young players in the national football team really played the main force. Wei Shihao, Gaozhiyi, Deng Hanwen, Gao Tianyi and other players mostly served as rotation.In the new cycle, these “post -95s” players must provoke the beam.

In addition, the Chinese echelon who have been affected by objective factors in recent years will be resolved.The U24 National Football will play in the Hangzhou Asian Games. The U20 and U17 National Football will play in the Asian Cup competitions of their respective ages. They will compete with players of the same age on the intercontinental field to further catch up the gap.


Data map: The 9th time of the Chinese women’s football team won the Asian Cup championship.

Can the Women’s World Cup be surprised?

Unlike the re -sailed Chinese men’s football, the Chinese women’s football team, which opened a new cycle last year, is to continue to climb up this year.The women’s football girls will play the four -year Women’s World Cup as the Asian championship.

The Chinese Women’s Football Team, which falls into the “Death Group”, will be opposed to the European Cup Champion England and the Denmark Women’s Football Team in the group stage. The remaining opponents will be produced in Group B in the World Police Museum in mid -February.The winner with Chile will take the last bus of the World Cup.

Objectively speaking, although the Asian Cup championship, looking at the development speed of the World Women’s Football Movement, the challenge of the Chinese women’s football team will suffer in the World Cup.

Fortunately, the “foreign group” consisting of Wang Shuang, Tang Jiali, Shen Mengyu, Zhang Linyan, Li Mengwen, Yang Lina and other players gave the Chinese women’s football team the opportunity to keep up with the trend.The strength of the tough battle.

2022赛季中超联赛开幕式。图片来源:IC photo

The opening ceremony of the 2022 Super League.Picture source: IC Photo

Can the professional league return to the right track?

In addition to the top national team at the top of the “pyramid”, it is essential whether the professional league can return to the right track in 2023.

According to the reporter’s understanding, the Chinese Super League and the Women’s Super League, including the China -B and China League, will return to the normal main and away game system.EssenceThis will also be a major opportunity for re -departure Chinese football.

After all, one of the major national teams is the league. The quality of the league will directly affect the status and growth rate of the national team players.In addition, when the league returns to the main and away game, its unique area of the area allows more people to contact and feel football at close range.

Although Chinese football is in a trough period, after the preliminary return to the main away away in the 2022 season, Dalian, Wuhan, Chengdu … among the home of tens of thousands of fans, there is still hope.

资料图:上海申花在中超比赛中。 骆云飞 摄

Data Map: Shanghai Shenhua is in the Super League.Photo by Luo Yunfei

Of course, before the start of the new season, the club’s arrears of salary work is also crucial.Shanghai Shenhua, Wuhan Yangtze River and Hebei team were fined in the 2022 season for arrears.

Recently, it is also reported that several Chinese Super League teams were temporarily prohibited by FIFA for arrears of salary disputes.These things that seem to be “commonplace” have become a big cricket in the current development of professional leagues.

In addition to the Super League, the survival of the China A and China B Club is generally worrying.While the Chinese football is re -sailing, this difficulty must pass.

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