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Why is the three towns of Wuhan?Top Foreign Aid Legion crushed Super League

Reporter Lu Mi Wuhan reported three years and three years, and as a promotion of a horse, he won the Super League. Wuhan Three Town is undoubtedly the biggest winner of 2022 Chinese football.So, why can this promoter team win the Super League championship trophy?What regrets do they have behind the championship?

Jin Yuan’s football dissipates, and the three towns can rise strongly. In the final analysis, it is still a big investment in other teams.In the case of most Chinese Super League clubs tightening silver roots, the three towns became the largest buyer. Through large -scale recruitment, the goal of rapidly improving the overall strength of the team.Especially in the vital foreign quotation, the three towns not only dared to spend money, but also spent the right money. On the way to win the championship, foreign aids played a decisive role.

Before the beginning of the season, the three towns introduced three foreign aids, namely Stanqiu, Davidson and Wallace.The value of 7 million euros, 3.8 million euros and 1.8 million euros, respectively.In the context of zero -transfer fee, visa -free, free players prevailing, the three towns are so strongly cited, which can be called a big conclusion.

However, with the risks, in the gold and dollar era of gold and soil, there were cases of tens of millions of euros in the gold and dollar era.In the introduction of foreign aid, the investment in the three towns is the top in the current Super League, but in the past, it can only be regarded as Taobao’s level. More, it is still the channel and vision of the club.The operation is successful.

After the three new foreign aid joined, they immediately became the core of the team’s three lines and played an irreplaceable role.

As the highest value and transfer fee, Stanqiu is actually the commander of this team. The Romanian nationals have good offense and defense. The season handed out 10 goals and 12 assists in the season. In addition to the data, he was connected in series.The contribution of teams and midfielders is equally important.Of course, there is also his positioning ball, not only to break the goal directly with the free kick to bring a visual feast to the fans, but also play a role in determining the victory and defeat in the key match with the Zhejiang team.It is worth mentioning that due to the outstanding performance of the Super League, Stan Churus was first elected as Mr. Romanian football.

As a frontcourt attacker, Davidson showed a strong personal ability. He scored 18 goals in the season and 13 assists. It is even more valuable that he was almost filled with the entire season.The nuclear leading team grabbed a lot of scores.

Due to injury reasons, Wallace stopped in the middle and after the season. The overall performance was not as good as the previous two, but in key competitions, it is still a trusted post -defense backbone.

It turns out that the three towns have not been eye -catching in the introduction of new foreign aid, and the two foreigners who stayed in the team have also played a key role.During the 2021 season, the three towns in Zhongjia will lead Malkang to Major. This season, Brazil’s high centers exploded and scored 27 goals in 26 times.After the season, he finally became the Super Sagittarius king.

As the fifth foreign aid, Edmirson also had 11 goals. His ability, in most other Chinese Super League teams, can enter the starting.

It should be said that the five foreign aids in the three towns have played a performance that meets or even exceeds its worth. The outbreak of the foreign aid army is a strong guarantee for the three towns to win the championship.

The Chinese Super League see foreign aid, which is the only truth and how foreign aid determines the upper limit of a team.This season, the three towns have introduced a number of strong aid, Ren Hang, Liu Yiming, Zhang Xiaobin and other players rented last season to transfer to the season.The main force of the Chinese Super League team is many of them. That is to say, the strength of the domestic players belongs to the first gear.

Due to the dazzling performance of the Foreign Aid Legion, many people ignored the important contributions of domestic players in the three towns in the championship.In the 18th round, the three towns challenged Taishan away. At that time, the two teams had the first patriotic patriotism. The three towns of foreign aid broke out of injuries. Only Davidson could fight, while Taishan was the main force.In such a difficult but crucial game, domestic players in the three towns held the pressure and finally tied the opponent 1-1.From the results of the last two teams, the three towns won the championship with the advantages of a net win, how important this draw is to the three towns.

From the perspective of the whole season, when Wallace cannot guarantee a stable appearance time, the backline of the three generations of the old and Chinese youths of Ren Hang, Liu Yiming, Gaozhiyi, and Deng Hanwen is stable enough.There are only 3 more than the Chinese Super League as the best examples; Zhang Xiaobin, He Chao, and Rosenwen have played a good role in Stanqiu.Good performance.

The biggest highlight of domestic players is Xie Pengfei. After experiencing the last season in Cangzhou, Xie Pengfei ushered in a big explosion this season. He cooperated with several foreign aid on the attack line to cooperate with several foreign aid.The best season of career data.In addition to the contribution of data on the field, these players who have previously played for Guangzhou and Jiangsu have also brought the genes and experiences of the championship to the three towns. These invisible values are more valuable for a new club in the three towns.

In July 2021, the official announcement of the three towns, the director of the club youth training, and the Spanish Pedro became the head coach. Five months later, Pedro led the team to win the Chinese championship.After completing the lineup upgrade, in the position of the head coach, the club chose to stabilize the first, to correct Pedro, and he did not disappoint the trust of the club, and led the team to win the championship again.Pedro has a mild personality and low -key style, which is related to his youth training work most of his previous time.Indeed, as the head coach of a professional first -team team, Pedro was relatively lacking experience. He just coached for more than a month in Granada in the West B in 2018. In the first three towns, he invited him to China. He also served as youth training.Director.

Although lack of experience, Pedro has his own advantages.First of all, he has a longer time in China. For the environment of Chinese football, including the situation of the three towns clubs, he is very familiar and does not need to adapt again. Second, as the coach who led the team in the previous season, PedroThere are also certain prestige and qualifications in the club; again, for a team with a long period of establishment and introducing a large number of new players in a short time, how to maintain internal stability and solidarity is a difficult task, and low -key and pragmatic.Pedro did well in this regard. The entire team’s goal was unified, and everyone contributed their strength to winning the championship.

Judging from the performance of the three towns throughout the season, Pedro’s coaching style is conservative and there are not many amazing things. The outside world criticizes him too much dependence on the player’s play.But on the other hand, Ped Rogers have no big mistakes whether it is tactical design or on -the -spot command. For such a team that is already strong enough in hard power, stability may be the most appropriate.

In the three towns, Pedro achieved the pinnacle of the coaching career and won the first top league championship as the head coach. However, whether the Spaniards can continue to coach next season, there is no specific conclusion.

Three consecutive years have achieved three consecutive championships in the three levels of the league. The three towns set a new record for Chinese football. If there is any regret, the answer is yes.

Before the establishment of a professional football club, the predecessor of the three towns was deeply cultivated for many years, and the young goalkeeper Liu Shaozi who joined Bayern was trained. However, in the first team of the three towns, none of them were the players trained by their own.It is from the lease of Shenhua.Whether youth training can really become a reserve talent conveyor for this furniture music department, you need to watch it again.

The rise of the three towns is almost overlapping with the professional league. Whether it is an investor or a club manager, you want to seize this historical window period.The method of getting in exchange for the rapid rise is incomparable. They can finally do this, and rely more on feelings and persistence.

However, as a club with obvious youth training, after achieving the rapid becoming the top club of the Super League, is it choosing to continue to change the results?Still relying on the current platform to make the youth training bigger and stronger, and more youth players have emerged. Using the advantages that they have already possessed, and finally realize a virtuous circle?There is no clear answer yet.

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