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Why does this time for this World Cup so long?Bald referee explains

According to statistics, the first four injuries of the World Cup have a total of 64 minutes, with an average of 16 minutes of the game, and an average of 8 minutes per half time. The time of time is very surprising.

Among them, England’s first half of Iran’s replica time for 14 minutes, setting a historical record. In addition, England was 10 minutes for Iran in the second half of the second half, the Netherlands against Senegal for 8 minutes, and the United States had a total of 9 minutes to the United States.

However, the reason why each game is so long is all because of the new rules formulated by FIFA this World Cup. Corina, chairman of the FIFA Referee Committee, revealed that the FIFA is to make the game more objective and fair, increase the time of playing, while avoiding players waste time.

Corina explained: “We need to avoid only 42 or 43 minutes in one and a half. The effective time is very important. Therefore, it will be calculated by replacement, penalty kick, celebration, and VAR time.”

At the same time, he also patiently explained with the fans, and did not be surprised by the long stoppage time: “You think about watching a game that scored 3 goals, it took at least a minute and a half to celebrate each celebration. By 6 minutes. “

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