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Why do you like to choose a large amount of lead?

Many online fishermen always say that they like to use a large amount of lead. Why is they so fond of it, so what is the relationship between eating lead and the sensitivity of floating floats?

1. Understand floating drifting leading ratio

Floating lead -eating ratio is the proportion of lead to all lead when the weight of the floating drifting is oltered.

“Floating and eating lead ratio”, the two shapes are exactly the same, but what are the effects or effects on the pendant fishing line group with different floats?

The effect of floating material on lead ratio

The float is divided into three parts: drifting, drift and tail.

Fish can be made of solid nylon rods, glass fiber reinforced fiber reinforced reinforced reinforced reinforced reinforced reinforced reinforced reinforced reinforcement rods, and carbon material rods. The proportion of these materials (the scope of the proportion is roughly 1.4-2.1) than the proportion of water.

The tail can be controlled by solid nylon rods, glass fiber reinforced fiber reinforcement sticks, carbon material rods and hollow plastic. Only the proportion of hollow plastic pipes is less than water.

As the main body of the float, the drifting body is the core factor that determines the lead ratio.

The materials for drifting are mainly peacock feathers, Barsa and reeds.

Because of the large proportion of the peacock feathers, it is difficult to make more than 2.5 times the floating ratio of lead ratio;

Balsa and reeds can make more than 3 times the floats to eat lead ratio;

At the same time, the length of the body, the feet, the tail length, and the thickness, especially the hollow tail, have a great impact on the proportion of the whole float.

Second, floats to eat lead than physical meaning

Floating lead -eating ratio is the external reflection of the entire float ratio, and it is the opposite relationship.

The larger the leading lead, the smaller the proportion of the entire float; the smaller floats can provide more bearing buoyancy for the line group.

Third, the impact of floating lead ratio on the line group

The line group is a flexible underwater system. Through the overall movement of the line group, the float has a visual signal.

Floating lead -eating ratio determines the weight distribution of the line group. Eating less lead is less equipped with small lead, and leading lead is heavier than the large lead (that is, the big head is below). The positioning function, gathering function, and signal function of the line group will have different effects.

Floating leading lead is large, the lead of the line group is large, and the distribution of the line group is even more uneven, and vice versa.

1. Line group positioning function, clustering function

The floating float with a large ratio is conducive to the rapid positioning of the line group to improve the fishing efficiency. At the same time, it also accelerates the “two swings” itinerary and reduces part of the gathering function.

2. Effect on the signal function of the line group

Due to the line group composed of a large float, the fish bite hook should first pull the lead pendant, and then drive the entire line group.

In other words, when the fish maintains the same power absorption power, the movement is characterized by: the weakness is weak. The smaller the overall weight of the line group, the easier it is to start.

Master comment

The float should be placed in the system of the line group. According to the dynamic consideration of water and fish love, understanding that eating lead ratio is beneficial to the balanced distribution of the line group.

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