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When the FA Cup final is touched, the two generals of the Taishan Sea Port vowed to win the championship

Yanjing Beer 2021 China Football Association Cup final will be held on January 9, 2022 at 19:30 at the professional football field of Fenghuangshan Sports Park, Chengdu. The Shandong Taishan team, which has just won the 2021 Super League championship, will play against the Shanghai Harbor Team in the finals , The FA Cup finals adopt a fixed winning match system. In an interview before the game, the two teams said: I hope to fight the end of the year and win the Football Association Cup championship.

The Taishan team went all out to compete for the double crowns

Guo Tianyu, the U23 player of Shandong Taishan team, performed very well in this year’s league. As of the 21st round of the Chinese Super League, he has scored 10 goals. Guo Tianyu, who is only 22 years old, has stabilized the team’s main striker. However, due to the previous training and competitions for the national team to participate in the top 12, Guo Tianyu also missed the match before the Football Association Cup finals, so Guo Tianyu naturally looked forward to the upcoming FA Cup final.

Talking about what kind of expectations are the final FA Cup finals now, the Taishan team players are still as urgent as facing the league championship, Guo Tianyu said firmly: For the Football Association Cup final, In other words, for the FA Cup champion, everyone in the team is very eager to win the championship, hoping to become the double champion of this year. Everyone is now adjusting the state to prepare for the final final.

Then, how can the team adjust after the league winning the championship, will it be a bit relaxed because of the three rounds in advance. In this regard, Guo Tianyu admitted: Because of the three rounds in advance, the head coach Hao Wei asked the players who had a relatively more played game before, so that the people who had less time to play before played the game later, but we would not relax because of this. The mentality, because the honor of the double champion is definitely more important than just one league champion, so everyone is preparing for the full efforts to compete for the championship.

However, for the Taishan team, it is not easy to win the championship, because the final opponent Shanghai Harbor is also the strongest competitor in the Super League. When it comes to how difficult this opponent will make the Taishan team, Guo Tianyu believes that this year the Shandong Taishan team can win the championship, not only because of the defeat of Shanghai Harbor in the championship team. After three points, the competitors on the league’s championship are not just the Shanghai Harbor Team, many teams have their own advantages and characteristics. Therefore, for the Taishan team, in the face of the FA Cup finals, we are still preparing for their own preparations and make every effort to play their best level. Now everyone has regarded the FA Cup finals as the most important game throughout the year, and strives to win the opponent.

Talking about which players in the Harbor team are the most difficult, the Taishan team needs to focus on guarding. Xiao Guo said without hesitation: That must be Oscar, we will definitely restrict his performance. In fact, both teams know very well, and there are no secrets. Many players in the two teams are very good friends in private. They also congratulate us to win the league championship. Now they will definitely do a good job of preparations. Wait until January 9th’s game.

It is worth mentioning that Guo Tianyu and the Football Association Cup have very unforgettable fate. In the fourth round of the FA Cup in 2016, Shandong Luneng’s away game with Shanghai Shenhua, Guo Tianyu, who was only 17 years old, appeared in a substitute for a substitute. It was the first show of Guo Tianyu on behalf of the Taishan team. The outstanding performance of that game made the outside world remember the outside world I lived in this young high center. In 2020, Guo Tianyu followed the team’s first FA Cup championship trophy with his team. In this year, Guo Tianyu is likely to hit the FA Cup championship again as the team’s main force.

Finally, when it comes to what expectations of his performance in the finals, Guo Tianyu bluntly said: I believe that no matter who our team will appear, I hope that every player who can appear will have a good performance, and everyone can perform a full score. Our determination is to win the Football Association Cup through all people and strive to end the 2021 season.

The Harbor Team does not want to miss the championship this time

This is the second time the Shanghai Harbor Team reached the Football Association Cup final. Four years ago, they were very close to the FA Cup championship. In the Shanghai Derby, which was battle in the FA Cup, both teams won their home games respectively. Unfortunately, the Harbor team lost his goal with the Football Association Cup because of the few goals. This time, I reached the Football Association Cup final again. In the case of a fixed victory, the Harbor Team, which has been fully prepared, did not want to miss the FA Cup championship trophy again.

On the first day of the New Year, Shanghai Harbor and Shandong Taishan team played the second round of the league. Both teams played some personnel rotation. When the Harbor team was backward, he pulled two goals in a row and almost saw the hope of defeating the New Science League championship. Unfortunately, the opponent equalized the score in the last moment. Speaking of this game, Wang Yichao, the captain of the Shanghai Harbor Team, said in an interview: There is a little regret with the Taishan team’s game. The young players of our team performed very well. The score is over, although it is a pity that the opponent equalized in the last minute, from the perspective of the process and content of the entire game, we achieve the effect we want.

For the Harbor Team, the most important game is the Football Association Cup final on January 9th. When talking about whether there is a feeling of backwater war in this game, Wang Yichao admits: This is our second time we have reached the Football Association Cup. The last time we were a little bit distance from the championship trophy. This time it must be the best opportunity to impact the championship again. It should be said that everyone is very hard and very hard this year. At this time Good for this game. After winning the championship three rounds in advance, the Taishan team did not win in the next two games. Will there be some relaxation of the opponent’s mentality? Will this be a favorable place for the Harbor team? In the face of this issue, Wang Yichao believes that maybe the Taishan team has some adjustments in the league after winning the championship, but in fact, this adjustment is even more hoped to face the Football Association Cup in the best state, so we must not have any any any of them. The idea of ​​light enemy. On the contrary, we must also maintain the best state. I believe that the final will be a very wonderful game.

Just after the second round of the Harbor and Taishan team, the coach of the Harbor Team Congress Lyco congratulated the Taishan team very generously, saying that the Taishan team was worthy of this year’s league champion. The opponent of the Taishan team, where is their advantage, Wang Yichao said: The Taishan team is the most neat staff in all teams this year. Whether it is the strength of foreign aid and the ability of domestic players, their performance is also all this year. The most stable and strongest comprehensive strength in the Chinese Super League, so they won the Super League championship.

However, compared with the league, the FA Cup final is a fixed victory. What is the key to winning this game? In this regard, Wang Yanchao admits: We have played two games in the league and Taishan team in the league, and we know each other very well. We know each other’s play, and our opponents will analyze our technical and tactical characteristics. In fact, the biggest parties on both sides are the biggest. The difficulty is how to adjust the status, depending on the performance on the spot. Who is better in the final day and the probability of winning will be greater.

Compared to the Taishan team winning the Football Association Cup 6 times, the Harbor team reached the Football Cup finals this time. The game was the most memorable game in all the FA Cup competitions in the past. Although we defeated the Shenhua team in that game, but unfortunately did not hold the championship trophy, so this time I didn’t want to leave regrets. As an veteran of the team’s back line, he hopes to help the team hold the city gate in the finals and hope that they can achieve zero goals in the finals. Because only the less you lose goals can you win more opportunities. Because this time we don’t want to miss this championship.

Yesterday, the Taishan team had arrived in Chengdu to enter the competition. The Harbor team will enter today. Looking forward to this Chinese football game on January 9th!

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  1. The most valuable thing is that the three rounds of Taishan after the league are reserved, and Guo Tianyu did not do his best to fight for gold boots. He was healthy.

  2. Hurry up and loan trillions, what champion is your [applaud]

  3. Every fan wants your team to win, which is naturally recognized. For the players of this game, players, just calm down and calmly play their own skills and tactics. Perhaps the result is some accidental factors. Look at the results, just enjoy the process! Come on in Shandong! Fans are calm! Intersection

  4. Judge 1: 0 wins Shandong

  5. Shandong Taishan 2: 1 Shanghai Harbor

  6. Although the strength of Shanghai Port is not weak, as far as the current overall staff configuration is concerned. I am a little stronger than Shanghai Port, so we are a little leading in configuration, but it depends on the referee. Secondly, it is played on the spot and luck.

  7. There are no tigers in the mountains and rats in the mountains!

  8. The champion is Guoan

  9. The finals are possible for the FA Cup, but do not want to see the third -party team and third -party leading officials when they are awarding. Essence

  10. Optimistic about Taishan to win the championship, three goals win!

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