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What boots to wear in the World Cup player?

In the past, a player in China who played overseas wanted to find sponsors in China. He had mentioned it with him. A domestic company also produced a sneaker and maybe he could cooperate.

However, he shook his head and said that if he was a sneaker, he could not sign, because the current development of sneakers was mainly three in the world -Adidas, Nike and Puma. Only they can ensure the stability and supply level of the sneakers.

In the past, many European players had a soft spot for Adi and Puma’s sneakers. But in recent years, Nike has been fighting strongly, and even the German base camp has been captured.

In the 2018 World Cup in Russia, 471 of the 736 players who participated in the competition at the time wearing Nike’s sneakers, the share of 63.99%. However, among the 830 World Cup players this year, this proportion has declined.

At present, 428 of the 830 players are wearing sneakers from different brands of Nike with a share of 51.57%.

The most famous players must be French Mbappe and Portugal Cristiano Ronaldo, Harry Kane in England, and Bullartene in Belgium.

In the first round of Ecuador, 20 of 26 people chose Nike’s sneakers. In addition, Saudi Arabia and Australia are 19 people, 18 people in Belgium, and 17 Costa Rica, both.

The most surprising thing is that 15 people in the German team of Adidas’s mother country wearing Nike’s sneakers, surpassing the Adidi in the team.

On the other hand, there are 273 players wearing Adidas in the World Cup in 2022, which is the second largest sneaker brand in the World Cup. The share is 32.89%.

The representative players include Messi, who is Adi’s face. In addition, there are Neuer in Germany, Alves in Brazil.

In the team, the first of the team must count Spain, 16 people, and the remaining 10 people wore Nike. Pedric, Asencio, and Morata are firm Adi supporters.

In addition, Argentina, the Netherlands, Senegal, and Poland are all players wearing Adidas sneakers.

Nike’s producing country in the United States is Nike 15 people VS Adi 7. It is not like the German team’s erosion and reversal.

It is worth noting that this World Cup, Neymar changed to the gate, and for the first time wearing Puma to fight.

There are 98 World Cup players in Puma, accounting for 11.81%of the World Cup contestants. Neymar and Suarez are the most important promotion ambassadors of Puma.

In the team, Switzerland was the base of Puma, with 10 people, but was also crushed by 13 people in Nike in the team, and the other three were Adi.

There are 8 people wearing Puma on Senegal, more than 7 people wearing Nike, but the biggest head is 10 people in Adidas. Serbia, Puma is the second most popular brand, less than 14 people, but there are 7 people.

The national team uniforms of these three countries are Puma, so there is a connection relationship.

In the 2018 World Cup, Adidas’ World Cup share was 196, accounting for 26.63%, and Puma was 39, with a share of 5.3%. Therefore, these two World Cups have improved the share of these two World Cups.

These three large manufacturers divided 96.27%of the World Cup player sneakers, and the rest wearing NB, UA and other brands respectively.

In the Asian football market’s largest Japan, 26 in the team were divided by six companies. Among them, Mizumi, who has basically become a domestic customized brand in Japan, has snatched six players. In addition, eight other countries have played for the J -League players in Japan.

Interestingly, there are players in the Japanese national team. The help of this niche sponsor will usually become a source of funds challenged by Japanese overseas players.

Because Nike’s base is large, the number of goals in the World Cup is also large. 2018 World Cup. Players wearing the Nike Mercurial brand scored 65 goals, 36 assists, and also set up oolong 3 times.

There is a huge gap between the Adidas X (17 goals) and the second Adidas X (17 goals).

There are 5 shot boots, and Nike accounts for 3, ranking 1, 3, and 5, respectively. He scored 91 goals. The Silver Globe winner Mbappe is a player of Nike.

I don’t know what boots will the next generation of the king of the next generation.

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