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What are the consequences of stealing the fishing rod together?

On November 13, the River Procuratorate made a decision to arrest and not approve the arrest of the two cases of theft of other people’s fishing rods.

Why did they suspect a crime in the case of theft together, but made different decisions on the two?

Case retrospective: At 00:00 on October 7, 2019, the suspect Tian Mou (male, 19 years old), Tian Moumou (male, 17 years old) played on Baita Mountain, Autonomous County, Autonomous County of the River. During the play, Tian Someone thought that he found a fishing rod below the river during the car practice at the county’s Hongfa Driving School, and no one looked at it. He proposed to steal the fishing rod at the river below the river of Hongfa Driving School in the county. At about 1 am on the same day, the two came to the county’s Hongfa Driving School to steal the fishing rod by the river, and a total of nine fishing rods were stolen. When they were ready to leave, the victim found that the victim was required to be private, failed, and suspected of crime suspicion. Rendian reported the case. Nine fishing rods that have been identified were worth 1,942 yuan.

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Prosecutor’s law: The suspect Tian Mou and Tian Moumou secretly stole the property of others with illegal possession. The amount was large, and both were suspected of theft. The criminal in the case was proposed by Tian Mou. Tianmou played the main role in the case. He was the main criminal. Tian Moumou had a leading role in the case. When Tian Moumou committed the crime, he criminals, actively pleaded guilty and regret, and his social danger was less. Therefore, the court made a decision to approve the arrest in accordance with the law, and Tian Moumou decided not to approve the arrest with his social danger.

Prosecutors remind: We not only cannot implement illegal crimes, but we cannot invite others to jointly implement illegal criminal acts. Once we crimes together, we will punish them separately according to their respective roles. At the same time, we must rely on our own hard -working hands to become rich. Except for time and age, the world has never been obtained without work. Any illegal shortcut can not be done. If it is for it, it must be sanctioned by law. In addition, citizens must keep their own items properly, and never give others any opportunity.

Legal link: Crims from theft: According to Article 264 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, theft of public and private property is large, or theft, theft of households, the theft of weapon, and picker In prison, detention or control of the year, and a fine of fines or single fines;

If there is a huge amount or other serious circumstances, it will be imprisoned for three years and less than ten years, and a fine;

If the amount is particularly huge or other special circumstances, it will be sentenced to more than ten years in prison or life imprisonment, and fined or confiscated property.

Concerned: According to Article 27 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, the second or auxiliary role in the joint crime is the offender.

For criminals, punishment shall be light, reduced, or exempted from penalties.

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