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Western media exposed the World Cup ticketing system. There are problems with fans who can enter the field without tickets.

There was a problem with the ticket inspection system that just started the World Cup.

Before the Netherlands against Senegal, Qatar had a local ticket inspection system.According to the Spanish “Marca News”, at that time, due to the problem of the ticket inspection system and the rotating door, security guards simply opened all the doors in order to allow fans to enter the venue smoothly.This also allows many speculators to take the opportunity to enter the venue, because the security guard only asked the fans to show the ball ticket visa bought on the Hayya APP, but this visa can be obtained as long as you buy any game of the World Cup. Many people are like this.Come in.

There were even reporters who “tried the method” and tried to enter the venue without voting. As a result, the security guard didn’t even look at them, and no one came to check.

In fact, the ball ticket security system had problems before the Iranian game in England. A large number of England fans stagnated outside the stadium because of this problem. In the end, the security guard could only open the door and let everyone come in.

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