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Western District’s strength is too balanced, the player team is likely to enter the finals

On December 10th, Beijing time, now in the Western District, anyone who wins is common sense.Former NBA player Graig Anthony guest “Talkin` NBA” believes that Western District is balanced, and those who are in an additional area may become the finals team.

“This season may be the first season in history, even if the first round of the Western District will be shocked in the first round,” Anthony said. “This year, the Western District is really evenly matched.Which team is the team. The teams in the additional region are likely to reach the finals. “

At present, the top 10 teams in the Western District are: Pelicans, Suns, Grizzlies, Nuggets, Kings, Jazz, Doro, Blazers, Clippers, Warriors.There are only 4 wins between the 10th and the first western district.Teams in the PAV may indeed enter the finals.(魑))

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  1. The Pelicans laughed crazy, and the champion champions were all his [Yun Bei]

  2. The Nets have quietly climbed to fourth. As long as the European fairy and Western nerves are not drawn, they will play well. The Nets cannot be underestimated

  3. Who is this product?Is there a sense of existence?

  4. The best version of this year is the Pelicans champion.

  5. The whole is the same as football. Haha

  6. said that Kaizi and Little Deer are powerful. In fact, the rest of the East team is too good. This year, even the Heat, the Raptors joined the chicken coalition!

  7. But there is no Lakers in the tenth.

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