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Wen Banya: The NBA team who has no favorite NBA team is unreasonable for me

On December 30th, Beijing time, according to relevant media reports, Victor-Venalma, as a strong performance in the French league as a quasi-champion, has attracted the attention of fans around the world.Recently, in an interview, he talked about some teams to fight for him.

“Bad? This is really a strange strategy. I think this is unreasonable. I try not to think about these problems. I also heard that the NBA considers to change some rules for me, but it really doesn’t matter.” Wen Wen.Ban Yama said, “I don’t have the team that I like, I just hope to log in to the NBA to join it. Even if I have the favorite team, I will not tell the outside world, but now it is indeed not yet.”

Wen Ban Yama will participate in the NBA draft next year without an accident. Before he landed on the NBA, many teams were interested in this big French player.

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  1. It seems that what they say is not that meaningful

  2. Dongcic is also from Europe, now the nba

  3. Who is it?

  4. Wen Ban Yama will be a character who changes and creates the history of the NBA. Waiting for it

  5. Single -up, Wen Ban Yama can abuse Yao Ming. Regardless of the reaction ability of the arm exhibition bombs, Ama can be said to have no ancients.Later, those who have no coming

  6. Under the leadership of the emperor, the Lakers simply have no strength. The 23 -year show has the right to give it to the Pelicans

  7. High and thin!IntersectionCan it be carried in the muscle jungle?

  8. The data brush is useless

  9. Wenbanmaia, the Lakers are so bad for you!莫

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