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Wei Shao ’s four consecutive assists, the double big finger, but the finger was injured unexpectedly

On November 21, Beijing time, according to relevant media reports, the Los Angeles Lakers won the first three consecutive victories this season after winning the Spurs today.But after the game, the head coach Darwin Ham revealed in an interview that Russell Westbrook was injured in his fingers during the game.

It is reported that Wei Shao was injured in his right thumb during the game. After the game, the team conducted a preliminary inspection and made a brief assessment of the injury.The Lakers plan to check again on the injuries of Welse tomorrow, and revealed that the team reporter Dave McMenamin revealed that Wito’s hand has been wrapped in gauze.

The Lakers subsequently updated the wounds of Wei Shao. The test results of X -ray initially showed that the injuries of the fingers were negative.

In the last four games, all the number of aids in the West Shake has been doubled, and it has gradually transformed into the role of the organizer.In today’s game, Wei Shao compensated for 22 minutes, with 10 points in 9 shots, plus 10 assists and 4 rebounds.

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  1. My second brother is invincible in the world

  2. James: Your sister, Tongtong traded [hee hee] [hee hee] [hee hee] [hee hee] [hee hee]

  3. Wei Shaoqiang or Lao Zhanqiang, you said, you said Bar?

  4. is not Wade that year, it will be a sacrifice

  5. Curry is the peak period. 3 Iron is much strong!

  6. Learn his job change

  7. is not more fans, but there are more ignorant fans. Will the stalls watch the ball? What technology do you learn about Ah? Six -step layup

  8. actually let the elementary school student Adu replace it [hee hee] [hee hee] You can also want to make it out, Zhan Bai asked them to replace them

  9. Since James came to the Lakers, The Lakers are more fans! It can be seen from the All -Star Ticket King!

  10. Stalls really leave the Lakers early. I was originally a Lakers fans because many fans have left because of airborne?

  11. Although you are not a Lakers fans, I hope that the Lakers can win more balls by taking this opportunity [Smile]

  12. [Pig Head]

  13. I am embarrassing for who is missing

  14. There are only one controversial MVP plus 2 and 2 controversial FMVP, and less than 45 % of the name, and the first person who has no controversy. The heart of the eagle secrets!

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