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Wayley continues to host the Sony Open Championship or players from last week

On January 11, Beijing time, the Sony Open in 2023 will continue to be held at the Waialae Country Club (70, 7044 yards).

The classic stadium in Honolulu was designed by Seth Raynor, and Tom Doak has recently transformed it.As one of the longest courses in the US Tour, Wayle’s spherical roads are narrow and defended by trees on both sides, and there are 83 sand pits in the audience.

Like Caparuva, Waylei may also make low rods.The following is a record of the event:

72 Cave Record: 253, Justin Thomas (2017)

18-hole record: 59 shots, Justin Thomas (the first round of 2017)

The following is the context of this week:

1. Tom Hoge will drive from the sentry championship to the Sony Open, but he will bypass a large circle.Tom Hoji’s first go to Los Angeles to watch his alma mater Texaski University fight against Georgia University in the university football playoffs.

2. Including Tom Hoji, 19 players will participate in Hawaii.

3. Since the sentry championship was relocated to Hawaii in 1999, 17 of the 24 championships in the Sony Open came to Capaurova to participate in the competition one week before.

4. In the last three Sony Open, there have been two sessions in the additional cave, and there have been 4 sessions in the past 7 sessions.

5. Only 6 players and two games in Hawaii have achieved victory.

6. Please pay attention to Taylor Montgomery to see if his fiery state can continue.Taylor-Monagemari was a graduate of the Glorious International Tour last season. In the autumn, all 7 stops were promoted and won the top 20 in the 6th. It is currently on the Federal Express Cup.

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