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Watching the Lakers’ competition is omitted 10,000 swear words Zhan Huang is already unable to return to heaven

When Kobe’s retirement, I asked a hardcore friend who had known each other for many years. Did you watch the Lakers competition recently? He said to me: “As a Kobe fan, I opened the live broadcast. As a fan, I closed it after three minutes.”

Six years later, the scene that seemed to have known each other floated up. In the same case, I would like to ask Jenmi for many years, and the answer is the same: as a James fan, I go to see the Lakers competition. As a fan, I have omit 10,000 swear words here.

Before the Lakers play against the Suns. Davis was interviewed by reporters. When asked if his groaning injury was the main reason why the Lakers lost to the solar team out of the case. Davis said, “Yes. We know that, and they know. They escaped.”

When Davis, the Lakers did lead the sun 2-1. But since James’s back fighting against Klaude, Drummond mocked James on the bench, the Lakers have never won the Suns. In the first round and sixth game of the first round of the playoffs last year, the Lakers lost to the Sun team 36 and 29 points. In the first two players this season, the Lakers lost 32 points and 22 points respectively.

After only 12 minutes, the Sun team made Davis understand a bleak reality: although only one year, the Sun team had less Chris Paul and could also find the Lakers to find their teeth. In the first quarter, the Sun team scored 48-22, so that the fans could only play the phone boringly in the second quarter.

After the game of Davis’s pre -match speech after the game, he said politely: “There are too many ‘in the basketball game’ if ‘if’. Throughout the history of history, every team will change every season. He chose to make such remarks instead of choosing to continue to move forward in a high attitude, so it was a bit funny. “

Why don’t the Lakers want to move forward high? But their actual actions jumped off the building back. Fighting against the Raptors against the Raptors, the Lakers team in the first quarter of only 3 of 25 shots, 13 of 13 of three -pointers, scored 12 points, and made the Raptors scored 33 points.

After an unexpected defeat, Anthony said: “If it is not the first section, we will win.” Uh, why did there be the first quarter of the basketball game? Or should we call the Lakers’ championship in three quarters?

Today, the possible opponent Timberwolves in the playoffs, the Lakers finally made progress. It was not until the second quarter that the Timberwolves opened the score and shortened the garbage time for 5 minutes. For three consecutive games, the Lakers have had 25 points behind their opponents. In James’s 19 -year career, this kind of thing happened for the first time. After this defeat, the Lakers recorded 29 wins and 40 losses, 11 games below 50%. Statistics show that James’s team’s last time was less than 50%of the 11 games, which dates back to his rookie season. In the 2003-04 season, the Cavaliers finally won 35 wins and 47 losses in the regular season.

After the All -Star game, the Lakers were 2 wins and 9 losses. In the two games that won, James cut 50+. This is a team that James is also unable to return to heaven.

Now watching the Lakers’ competition, like a group of 4-50 middle-aged uncle, when he was 17 years old, at a grand campus party, young people were popular with Yuxuan Ang, talking and fashionable. Talking about the latest tide music between each other and sharing the most popular games. The uncle was at a loss in the party and did not know how to integrate into them. You could only hid in the corner. Sugar -free, when you can talk about your 4.11 million mortgages at each other.

Yes, almost only his 411 plans to play today (40,000 points+10,000 rebounds+10,000 assists) are left. Although he can also hand over 29.5 points, 8.2 rebounds, 6.1 assists in each game, anyone knows that he can’t make the deserved dominance that the data should be displayed. how to say? Just like an adult love action movie that is more than an hour, most people watch it fast, and few people can read the progress bar. The same is true of seeing James’s competition. You can only go into a look at it quickly, otherwise you can’t accept one thing at all: why the Lakers are 2-30 points behind, and the 37-year-old old Zhan is still on the court? is this necessary?

Perhaps it is too much attention to the data, and James on the court has gradually lost the respect of the younger generation of players. When against the Raptors, he saved the ball on the sidelines, and he unnecessary to smash the ball on Barnes. Everyone knew that James at that time was depressed, and smashing people with a completely emotional vent. After the game, Barnes said: “I lie there and see him throwing the ball, I think:” Oh, heaven. ‘So I just protect my head so that he will not hit my face because he was very at that time Powerful … I thought: ‘Damn.’ “

At the beginning of the season, Stuart had a mouthful with the Grizzlies’ little Jaron Jackson. These players who are different from James have respected James so much, but James continued to lose, and lost his master’s mentality.

Why bother? At this point, why not leave decent? No, no one will go to watch the Lakers. The reporters burst out outside the field of the Lakers. As for the ball, the score was guessed at a glance. The Los Angeles Lakers season is destined to fail. I just hope that James can face all this. (30 points)

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  1. A 37 -year -old brush monster is just to brush the points and defeat. What is not understood is you. The one who needs IQ is also you

  2. Poor the players who are really respected, they must want to win Essence Instead of brushing data, not participating in defense. See why Curry can win the championship this year

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    Thereisanidealkeyboardman 11月 12, 2022 at 9:58 上午

    Today is June 7th, but no one cares about you. What do you feel? tell me the story.

  4. Hehe, what are the scores, the winning value

  5. Ah? Can a single nuclear goal in the playoffs? He deserved his legs. If he was not cheap in 2008, the Lakers only licked their feet with the Rockets

  6. Are you blind? Intersection

  7. It really can only be seen by Zhan Mi, the eyes are clear!

  8. [Laughing Cry] Continue it

  9. This is your poor pattern!

  10. When the eyebrows are in the Pelicans? Your face is so fat, it is beaten

  11. The helicopter is the most objective suggestion for you!

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