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Watanabe Hiroshi Sanchu League League 1 Owen Zan him the best shooter

On November 26th, Beijing time, according to the eternal report of basketball, the Net player Watanabe Watanabe hit the league three -pointers this season. The NBA career has improved significantly for several years.

In the rookie season, Watanabe’s three -point hit rate was only 12.5%of the 445th league.This season, Watanabe’s three -pointer hitting 57.1%led the league.

Teammates also praised Watanabe Hero. Irving said: “He is the best shooter in the world now. The data proves this.”

Durant said: “Every round is very hard, his jumper looks good, and his basic skills are perfect. I am happy for him and he finds his role. He belongs to that type of player,That is, if you don’t leave him, many teams want to get him. “

So far this season, Watanabe Hiroshi has averaged 8.1 points and 2.9 rebounds, all of which are all your career highs.

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