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Warriors three -player 6+ three -point historical water flower+Vekins break record

On November 21, Beijing time, the Golden State Warriors defeated the Houston Rockets 127-120 away. In this game, the Warriors’ main force outside the three-pointer was bursting.I hit 23 remote votes.

Last week, the three-person Cailieland Cavaliers, Kevin Loew, Donork-Mitchell, and Wade, hit a total of 22 three-pointers in a game, creating the three-person group this season.A record of three -pointers in a single game.

Today, Thompson hit 10 three -pointers, Curry and outer hitting 7 -level far -level, Virkins hit 6 three -pointers. They became the first player in NBA history and three players hit at least 6 three -pointers at the same time.Team.At the same time, these three players set a record for three -pointers to make a three -pointer this season.

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