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Warm up-Neymar’s injury retreats Real Madrid’s waist and equalizes, China Sades Brazil 1-1 flat


Neymar was injured

At 20 o’clock on October 13, Brazil conducted the second warm -up of Singapore’s trip, and finally tied Nigeria 1-1, and won 4 consecutive games (3 draws and 1 loss) after winning the American Cup. Neymar was injured, Alibaba opened the record, Casemiro equalized the next half, and then hit the beam by header.

Titt replaced two startups, and Loddi, who completed the first show last weekend, replaced Aleos Sandro, Everton replaced Coutinho. In the opening 3 minutes, Neymar made a ball on the left side of the penalty area. Philmino stopped the ball and turned to get rid of the defender. The left foot was pulled out of the right door 12 meters in front of the goal. Iwabi passed the left side of the way, Osinheng unloaded the ball to get rid of the defense of the two, and the left side of the penalty area was 7 meters away from the left foot.


Neymar is suspected of strain


Neymar’s injury

When Neymar broke through the ball, he pulled his leg tendon and asked for a substitution. Coutinho subsequently appeared in a substitute. Chukuz was diagonally passed on the road, and Malginios flew to the surround to survive the oolong. Casemiro passed on the left, and Jesus shook his head 12 meters in front of the door and attacked the door by Uzoho. Coutinho’s penalty area was split, and Philmino shoved a left foot at 10 meters from the left side of the door and was blocked by Uzoho.


Neymar was replaced


Alibabo’s first record

The 35th minute of Brazil first lost goals! Oxinheng passed on the right, and the ball on the left side of the Simon penalty area was passed back. Ali Bo took the left foot to Malkinios. Before the end of the first half, Kutinho took a free kick at a free kick at the back of the goal.


The moment Ali Bo broke the door


Alibaba celebrates goals


Casemiro equalized

In the first half, the two teams shot three times each. In the second half, Richardson changed Everton. Brazil tied the score in the 48th minute! After the tactical corner kick was opened, Alveis passed the right on the right, and Malginios hit the beam at the header 11 meters in front of the goal. Casemiro stopped the ball into the lower left corner, 1 to 1.

Chukuz turned to the right side, and Osinheng shook his head 10 meters in front of the door and fell into Edson’s arms. Coutinho passed the ball, and Malginion’s header was sealed by Uzoho. In the 60th minute of Brazil, I missed the goal. Corinio kicked the corner kick on the left. Casemiro hit the beam at 4 meters from the front point and hit the beam back. The goalkeeper Uzo was injured by the collision and was lifted down by the stretcher.


Casemiro Zhongya

Gabriel replaced Philmino. Later, he broke into the penalty area on the right, and Richard pushed the right door post 6 meters in front of the door. Fabinho replaced Abil. Lody returned to the left side of the penalty area, and the unattended Coutinho shot and hit the guard leg 9 meters in front of the door. Ouuchu passed the ball, Chukuz’s shot on the right side of the penalty area was obtained by Edson. Paca replaced the Rebus. Brazil can only accept the draw.

Brazil (4-2-3-1): 23-Edson/13-Alves, 4-Malginios, 3-Tiago Silva, 16-Roddi/8-Ateer (80 ‘Fabinho), 5-Casemiro/9-Jessus (88’ Parka), 10-Neymar (12 ‘Katinio), 19-Everton (46’ reasonable Charlison)/20-Philmino (62 ‘Gabriel)

Nigeria (4-2-3-1): 23-Uzo (63 ‘Okoya)/20-Avzim, 5-Eron, 22-Aya, 3-Corinus/10-Arbo (90+4 ‘Xiewu), 4-Endi/13-Chukz (89’ Oleinia), 18-Iwobe (84 ‘Aziz), 15-Simon (Dennis) /9-Oxinheng (74 ‘Oujiachu)


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