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Want three major all empty? Shanghai Hong Kong season is high and low, and the Super League has become the last hope


Shanghai Hong Kong AFC Champions League

The away game against Pu and Red Diamonds, struggling to the last Shanghai Port did not usher in a miracle. In the end, he was eliminated with the disadvantages of the away goal and stopped the semi -finals. As the most favored Chinese Super League defending champion this season, Shanghai Shanggang has opened up high and low this season. After the crown was coming out, there were 6 rounds of Evergrande 6 points left in the league. There seemed to be no one to see hope, and I am afraid that they had to face the seasons of all four. [Grassroots fish stacks to super giants! Who is the real football master]

As the Super League champion of the Chinese Super League last season, Shanghai Port’s performance this season can be described as high and low. Wu Lei’s departure has brought a huge impact on the team. After coming to Asuetovich, the results of Shanghai Shanggang not only did not improve, but declined, so in the league, Shanghai Port showed a weak state of fighting, and the standings were at the top of Evergrande 6 points. After Elkson left the team, the Shanghai Port was also eliminated by Luneng at the Football Association Cup, leaving only the AFC Champions League to become the last shame. [Suggestion is too unexpected? Big data prediction AFC Champions League Cai Lottery] [Xu Yang He Wei and other big coffee interpretations] [Download app]

However, the away challenge of Puwa’s devil at home, Shanghai Port does not have an advantage at all, especially in the 26th minute, the core of the midfielder Yang Shiyuan was injured and leaving the field to bring a heavy creation to Shanghai Port. Bounce into the net, lost a general in the halftime, and lost a goal first. Unfortunately, only one goal can be completed in the away goal, but there is no miracle in the end. Shanghai Port was eliminated 1-1 away, and the team was eliminated for the away game of the away goal. The FA Cup is out and the AFC Champions League is out. The Super League is 6 points behind Evergrande. As the defending champion of the Super League, Shanghai Port has to face the embarrassing situation of the four major in the new season.

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