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Wade: Some people say that the Jazz can not get the champion to sign this season. This season is destined to fail

On December 16, Beijing time, the performance of the jazz season was really startled.They were scheduled to be at the bottom of the Western District, and they even achieved 16 wins and 14 losses in the 8th record of the western region.In an interview with Chris Mannix, a team of the little boss, Wade, one of the teams of the team, revealed that some people said that if they can’t get the champion this season, it will be a season of failure, but the Jazz future will be bright.

Speaking of unexpected performances at the beginning of the jazz season, Wade said: “I have also stayed in the dressing room of not favored, but this season’s jazz training camp performance is one of the last training camps I have seen.No matter what other people expect this team, the coaches and players of this team will go all out. “

“You must understand the ideas of players who get the second player. Those players who have been traded and abandoned, I know they will desperately. Who knows how much the record will be after the season? No one knows, but I saw it, but I saw it.Everyone’s effort. I am happy for coach Hady. “

“Our future is bright. Everyone is saying that if you can’t get the champion this season, it will be a season of failure. This is not the case. We have won so many balls this season. I like to watch them playing.The vitality of his basketball is really great. “

During this year’s offseason, the Jazz sent Gobert to the Timberwolves and sent Mitchell to the Cavaliers.The first 30 games in the new season were so good that it could not help but be amazed.(魑))

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