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Volvo’s national youth than the Cave Championship is changed to Nanchang Cuilin

The 2022 Volvo Youth Bi Dong Championship will be resumed from December 5th to 9th at the Cuilin Golf Club in Nanchang. Although it has entered winter, the enthusiasm of young players has continued, including the men’s champion Kuang Yang in 2018, the first place in group A of the Men’s Ranking of the Central and High School Youth Leaders, Fang Zegan, Fang Zekun’s twin brothers, Ren Yijia, Wang Zixuan and last year Players such as the women’s runner -up Ji Yuai and other players have confirmed that they will go to the “Hero City”.


Nanchang Cuilin Golf Club

This will be the first time that the Volvo Youth Better Better Championship has landed in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, and was held at the beautiful Nanchang Cuilin Golf Club. The club was built in the 1990s. The water scenes in the stadium spread. The large flowers blooming in the four seasons. The natural and beautiful shape and challenging are their characteristics.



Kuangyang, who was just 18 years old, has obtained an admission notice from the University of Maryland and plans to go to the American university league to sharpen himself in the next few years. For many years, Kuangyang has been a loyal fan of Volvo’s national youth than the Dongzong Championship, which will be his fourth time. In 2018, Kuangyang won the men’s championship for the first time, and became the youngest of the European Tour (Non -Grand Slam) at the Volvo China Open in the following year. In the past year, Kuangyang has turned his focus to adult competitions, winning a starting point of a starting point, and two second runners -ups. The world amateur ranking has entered the top 300.

“The men’s champion of the National Youth of Volvo can get the Volvo China Open Outside Card. Chinese amateur players are looking forward to it,” Kuang Yang said. “But to be honest, I am not particularly good at matching. Not ideal. It is always full of various possibilities than the cave. This year’s goal is to play as much as possible as possible. “


Fang Zeqian (left), Brothers Fang Zekun

Among the 32 men’s players, Fang Zeqian and Fang Zekun will create the history of the event and become the first twin brothers who participated in the competition. At the same time, the 14 -year -old Beijing boy Chang Xizhen is also worthy of attention. Earlier this month, he just won a youth competition in Nanchang Cuilin.


Ren Yijia

The leader of the women’s player is the 13 -year -old Dalian girl Ren Yijia. In July of this year, Ren Yijia won the second stop of the Volvo National Youth Challenge at the Golf Club of the Qingdao Linghai Hot Spring, and won the qualifications of Bidong. It was also the first time she won in Group A. Since then, she has made great achievements and has achieved several more games. She has ranked among the top ten of the women’s group A (eighth) in the women’s ranking of the Chinese and Higher Association.

“Just after his birthday, he was honored to win the Volvo Youth Challenge Championship. After being promoted to Group A, although some performances were not very satisfied, there were shortcomings, but I was actively improved and hoped to get better and better.” Yijia said, “I have never participated in Bidong, but I have done some research on the competition system. I will take every pole seriously, strive to hit the final wheel, and learn more from my sisters.”


Wang Zixuan

The 15 -year -old Beijing girl Wang Zixuan won a total of 4 youth competitions this year, and only lagged behind Yijia on the ranking of the Central High School Youth Rankings. Wang Zixuan had a match experience in Yangjiang, Guangdong last year. She and her opponent entered the cave. As a result, it was dark, and she couldn’t see it. That experience told her that she would dare not be afraid of losing, and also made her look forward to the event early next month.

The Volvo National Youth Compare is one of the few domestic events in China. It is also the most difficult event to reach the top. On the road to the championship, the contestants must first participate in the 18 -hole rod ranking to determine the seed sequence, and then the five rounds than the cave match, which is more than three rounds than the usual youth competition. However, the prizes of the champion are also rich. Men’s championship can be directly shortlisted for the 2023 Volvo China Open, and the women’s champion can win the 2023 Volvo China Open pairing.

In 2022, the Volvo National Youth Championship was sponsored by the China Golf Association and sponsored by Volvo Motors. In addition to the title sponsors Volvo Motor, the 2022 Volvo National Youth Championship also won the designated simulation of the event Hengtai, the competition golf product partner, TayLormade, the designated sunglasses of the event, HELIX, the competition bag product partner, the event clothing sponsor JOMA, VEDFOLNIR and trophy sponsor ORREFORS such as JOMA, and the rating of the rating of the rating.

Attachment: List of players of the National Youth of Volvo in 2022

Men’s group

Xie Huayi

Zhao Jiajing


Liu Jianyu

Fang Zegan

Liu Yuting


Huang Zijie

Fang Zekun

Lu Ziyao

Lin Rikang

Wang Shibo

Jinchen Star

Shi Hengrui

Huang Kaifeng

Wu Yinxuan

Zhang Minghe

Guo Jiapeng

Cao Haishu

Deng Aoxuan

Wang Shangzhi

Tang Weixiang


Li Wanhao

Lu Linxuan

Tian Yiran

Changxi 桓

Liu Ziyi


Xiong Yifan

Yang Jiayu

Jing Shijun

Women’s group

Ji Yuai

Lin Shixian

Wang Zixuan

Dong Yanjie

Zheng Hanyu

Deng Haoyue

Ren Yijia

Lou Zixin

Zhao Yanhan


Tang Rongze

Wang Yian

Zhang Jiayi

Lin Jiayi

Peng Yanxuan

Chen Ruizheng

Cao Shuyi

Zhang Ziyu

Liu Jiali

Huang Zihan

Sun Ruiman

Chen Yifei

Liu Wenzheng

Lu Wanqian


Cai Yan

Feng Zihan

Wang Yuzheng

Liao Manfei

Zou Siyuan

Xiang Yilin

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