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Volvo Youth Bidong Sai Kuangyang won the championship and fierce battle 21 to win

(2022/12/9 Nanchang, Jiangxi) The 17th Volvo National Youth Bidong Championship ended today at the Nanchang Cuilin Golf.The 18 -year -old Shenzhen player and the 2018 event champion Kuang Yang easily defeated the 17 -year -old native Nanchang local player Wu Yinxuan.The 15 -year -old Beijing girl Wang Zixuan fought fiercely with the 16 -year -old Guangzhou girl Lin Xinen, and won the third one.


Kuangyang and Wang Zixuan

Seed No. 4 Kuangyang has been in a dominant position in the four rounds of the previous two days, and none of them hit the penultimate hole. Today, the No. 7 seed Wu Yinxuan is no exception.Kuangyang has not been behind in the final wheel. No. 9 Cave No. 9 directly cuts the ball into the hole from the 13 -yard of Goring’s 13 -yard.

In the next three holes, Wu Yinxuan made mistakes.In the four holes of the 10th hole, he kicked off into the woods on the right.On the 11th hole of the 11th hole, he played two shots after he played the ball.In the 12th hole, he hit the fairway in the middle of the woods and had to shoot back the fairway first. The third shot attacked the Glory and did not go to the green.Kuangyang finally won 7 holes in the left, and after a lapse of four years, he held the cup again.

“After a lapse of four years, I won the championship again, including the first loss of the last year last year. I am really happy now,” Kuang Yang said. “I feel similar to winning the championship four years ago. I don’t know.When I meet me, my condition is not good enough. I am really lucky to win this championship. “

Because of this victory, Kuangyang won the participation of the Volvo China Open in 2023.In 2019, he once set a record for the youngest minimum promotion in the 25th Volvo China Open.Kuang Yang said he was looking forward to participating in the Volvo China Open again, hoping to achieve good results next year.

Different from the men’s decisive battle, the woman’s decisive battle was the longest battle throughout the day, and a total of 21 holes played.

In the entire game, there were not more than 2 holes in the leading holes.On the 17th, Lin Xinen pushed 35 feet to catch the birds and equalized the score to end the battle in the last hole.In this five -hole hole, she left 15 feet downhill birds to push herself, while Wang Zixuan did not go to the green, but Lin Xinen pushed the three bogey, and Wang Zixuan also swallowed up with two babies, so that the game entered the cave.

After the three holes, the two also appeared in the five -hole cave on the 3rd hole, but Wang Zixuan pushed the 6 -foot Papa push rod to end the battle.

“This game is quite fierce, and the opponent Lin Xinen is very strong. I thought I lost myself on the 18th hole, and was preparing to hug her in the past …” Wang Zixuan said, “This is the first time I have played with the hole, and I am very happy to win.”,”

During the third battle battle, Huang Zijie, a boy in Yiyang, Hunan, fought fiercely with the number one seed Wang Shangzhi. The last five holes were winning or losing each other.On the last hole, Wang Shangzhi fifth, and then missed 4 feet of Bai Bo to avoid pushing the pole. Huang Zijie won 1 hole and won the third place in the men’s group.

“At the beginning of today’s game, I played very badly. There were no roads in front of the front roads, and they all entered the woods,” said Huang Zijie. “The game has reached the last hole, which is not easy.”

The 13 -year -old Chongqing girl Peng Yanxuan started to catch 3 birds from the 15th hole, including the 16 and 17 holes pushed into two 15 -foot push rods to catch the birds, winning 3 holes, and winning 3 holes in the remaining 1 hole to win Deng HaoyueGet the third place in the women’s group.

“I like the National Youth Championship of Volvo very much. I have participated many times. A few years ago, I was the youngest participant. Now I have won the third place. I am satisfied with my performance,” Peng Yanxuan said. “Today she (Deng Haoyue)I made a few mistakes in the last few holes, and I seized the opportunity, caught the bird, and won. “


Awards guests with the winners

After the event, the award ceremony was held at the green Golf Club in Nanchang.The chairman of the board of directors of the Volvo China Open, Ms. Zhao Qin, Vice President of the Asia -Pacific Enterprise and Market Communication of Volvo Auto Asia Pacific, Ms. Li Dan, Chairman of Jiangxi Cuilin Industry Group, and Mr. Zhou Shishan, full -time vice chairman of the Jiangxi Golf Association, attended the awards ceremony.Ms. Zhao Qin awarded medals, certificates and trophy to the men’s and women’s champion Kuang Yang and Wang Zixuan; Ms. Li Dan presented awards to the male and female runner -up Wu Yinxuan and Lin Xinnen; Mr. Zhou Shishan presented the awards to the male and female third runner -up Huang Zijie and Peng Yanxuan.

At this point, the 2022 Volvo Youth Championships sponsored by the China Golf Association and sponsored by Volvo Motors ended.In addition to the title sponsors Volvo Motor, the 2022 Volvo National Youth Championship also won the designated simulation of the event Hengtai, the competition golf product partner, TayLormade, the designated sunglasses of the event, HELIX, the competition bag product partner, the event clothing sponsorJOMA, VEDFOLNIR and trophy sponsor ORREFORS such as JOMA, and the rating of the rating of the rating.

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