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Volleyball Team Women’s Volleyball Team 3-2 frustrated Liaoning to win the 7th victory in Shenzhen and Shandong


Shenzhen women’s volleyball team

On the evening of December 9th, Beijing time, the third round of the first phase A of the Chinese Women’s Volleyball Super League in the 2022-2023 season was ended in Jiangmen, Guangdong.Shenzhen Australia’s tiger in the tiger in the tiger in Australia defeated Zhejiang Jiashan Xitang Ancient Town 3-0 and won the second seat in Group A after the 8th wins; Shandong Rizhao Steel swept Sichuan 3-0 to win the seventh victory of the season; the five innings of Beijing Automobile 3-2 won 3-2Donghua, Liaoning, ranked 3rd in Shandong with a 2 -point advantage after winning the 7th.

Shenzhen Australia Tiger Crown Caulong 3-0 victory over Zhejiang Jiashan Xitang Ancient Town

In Zhejiang, which won only two games, the Shenzhen women’s volleyball team with six foreign aid teams made a 3-0 break through the 3-0 level and successfully won the eighth victory of the season. The three games scores 25-16, 25-22 and 25-23.

Shenzhen’s main attack Corolvia (Serbia) and Yingdana-Boskovich (Bosnia and Herzegovina) scored 12 points.Sciences (Ukraine) scored 9 points and 8 points.Zhejiang’s acceptance of Shi Yu and the main attack Ni Mengjie won 10 points. The secondary attack Zeng Jieya and the bench owner attacked Sun Ruoyi for 8 points.

Shandong Rizhao Steel 3-0 victory over Sichuan

Sichuan, who was against Miao Yiwen, although the Shandong Women’s Volleyball Team only sent a single foreign aid to fight, it still occupied a relatively obvious advantage. Sweeping the opponent 3-0 won the 7th victory, and the scores in the three games were 25-18, 25-11 and 25-15.

Clegri scored 19 points in Shandong, and Yang Hanyu scored 13 points. Double main car Wenhan and Du Qingqing contributed 12 points and 9 points respectively.Yuan Guo’s main attack Yuan Guo scored the highest 8 points in his own, and the deputy attack Wang Sijia and the response to Tang Weidan were 6 points.

Beijing Automobile 3-2 victory over Liaoning East Chemical

Beijing, which introduced three foreign aids this season, challenged Liaoning, one of the last 4th.Although Wang Yunzheng, the national player of the Beijing Women’s Volleyball Team, was led by Jin Yan in another country, three foreign aid joint launching techniques made a 3-2 level high, and the 7th wins were involved in the risk.-16, 25-19, 13-25 and 15-10.

Liaoning, 5-10 behind the first game, reversed the passive situation in Sun Haiping’s serving wheels 12-11.After 14 draws, Beijing’s attack and coordination has repeatedly lost, and Casanova is strong. 14-19 lags behind.Wang Lu accelerated the attack and locking the victory, Liaoning 25-21 won the first voice.

After the Beijing team replaced the second pass, there was a change in performance.First of all, I recovered it for a while in the second game, and the third game was chased to 19-21 in Liaoning to timely stabilize the emotions in a timely manner.

In the fourth game, Liaoning won the 25-13 victory, and successfully brought the game into the victory.After the fifth game to 5 draws, Wudikova blocked the net frequently to block Liaoning’s offense, and Beijing scored 4 points and 9-5.After Duan Fangqiang repeatedly put pressure on 8-9, Beijing took 3 points and 12-8.Liaoning’s self-lost successively sent the match and the winning points, Beijing won 15-10, and Liaoning was 3-2.

Beijing’s main attack Rakovic (Serbia) won 21 points to win the score king, the deputy attack Wulkkova (Bulgaria) contributed 20 points, responding to Casanova (Cuba) scored 15 points, and the main attack Jin Yan scored 12 points.In the Liaoning, Sun Xiaoxuan scored the highest 20 points of his own. The main attack section scored 18 points.

2022-2023 season Chinese women’s volleyball Super League’s first stage A instantaneous ranking is as follows:

1.Tianjin Bohai Bank 9 wins 0 losses 27 points

2.Shenzhen Australian tiger crickets in Tiger 8 wins, 2 losses and 24 points

3.Beijing Automobile 7 wins, 3 losses 22 points

4.Shandong Rizhao Iron and Steel 7 wins 3 losses and 20 points

5.Liaoning Donghua 4 wins, 6 losses and 14 points

6.Sichuan 4 wins and 5 losses 10 points

7.Zhejiang Jiashan Xitang Ancient Town 2 wins 7 losses and 7 points

2022-2023 season Chinese Women’s Volleyball Super League The first stage of Group A is arranged as follows:

December 10:

14:30 Tianjin Bohai Bank VS Sichuan

17:00 Liaoning Donghua VS Zhejiang Jiashan Xitang Ancient Town

19:30 Shandong Rizhao Iron and Steel VS Shenzhen Australian Tiger Caulonghua

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