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Viewpoint: Manchester United is the most person who should buy the chain of the chain again

Manchester United was eliminated by the Football Cup by Leicester City. Neil Curtis said in the Suns column that the Red Devils lacked a shooter.

“Where is York and Cole? Where is Vanni? Van Persie has performed well for a year, and Ibrahimovic. These are legends. Clubs like Manchester United need legends.”

“Who has been stabilizing after Ruoney’s walk? Marshall? After watching the game against Leicester City, he didn’t run and had nothing.”

“Rashford played well, but he was not a scorer that they needed. Cavani was older. Although Greenwood had talented, he had only scored two goals since December 5.”

“It’s very simple. Manchester United need to spend a lot of money to buy Harland. They lack a person who transforms the series into the goal. This game is once again proved.”

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