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Vessel will accept arthroscopic surgery over 40 % of the external line this season

On January 6th, Beijing time, the San Antonio Momato team officially announced that the team’s defender Devin Vessel will undergo joint mirror surgery in the near future due to left knee injury.The specific rehabilitation schedule has not been announced.

The 22 -year -old Vessel played for the third season in the Spurs, and he could hand over a average of 19.4 points and 4 rebounds and 3.6 assists in the Spurs.Among them, Vessel’s three -pointer hit the three -pointer this season to 40.4%, which is the most stable external attacker in the existing lineup of the Spurs.

Due to the injury of the knee, Vessel failed to play in the last game with the New York Knicks.Nowadays, the Spurs’ record ranks second in the west. As Vessel undergone surgery and entered a long -term state of rest, I am afraid the Spurs will be completely entered this season.

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  1. The Spurs have another reason to lose ~

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